Will Three Point Breeze Homes Be Demolished, Then Rebuilt?

While peering at the monthly zoning calendar, we spotting three applications for demolition then reconstruction in the Point Breeze neighborhood, all on the same block. Fundamental Investment Group LLC purchased 1925, 1930, and 1944 Titan St. a couple of years ago. From what we can tell, two of the homes have been tenant occupied and one has sat vacant and blighted over those years.

1925 Titan St is to the left of the home with the awnings

Now, the developer intends to tear down the existing homes and replace them with new construction, three story homes. We can’t find the refusal anywhere, but we’re guessing that they will need a variance for the first two homes due to the new zoning code, which requires an eight-foor setback on the third floor of a new home built on a block with primarily two-story homes. There’s an exception for homes located immediately next door to three story homes, which makes the zoning application for 1944 a little curious, unless the builders are also intending to build new homes with less than the required amount of open space.

1930 Titan St., surrounded by two-story homes
1944 shouldn't need a setback because of the three story home next door

We don’t know who the developers are, as their only identifier is a PO Box in Jobstown, NJ, but we wonder whether they’re fully prepared for the situation they’re about to walk into. As any regular reader can attest, getting a variance of any kind in Point Breeze can range from being merely stressful to a total nightmare, with the possibility of appeal for every application. Hopefully, these developers have at least reached out to neighbors on the block and have gotten their support, which could potentially weaken any objections raised by any other “concerned” neighbors in the area.