Three Foundations Next to Three Homes in Point Breeze

If you’ve walked or driven through Point Breeze lately, you’ve probably noticed an impressive amount of construction activity, which might lead you to believe that developers are going hog-wild in the neighborhood, bidding up vacant lots and barely meeting buyer demand. Unfortunately, this is not exactly the case.

About forty properties that have recently broken ground/will soon break ground are government subsidized, affordable housing projects. For a case study on one such project, click here. On the other hand, there are about a dozen privately developed, market rate projects are currently ongoing in the neighborhood. One such project is on the 1200 block of S. 24th St., or so we think.

Future homes

About two years ago, developer Gunnison Land built three homes at 1215-19 S. 24th St., across the street from several vacant lots. In the past year, the developer poured three foundations next door, and appears ready to begin construction on three more homes.

Three homes next door, already built
Foundations and homes in the same shot

According to the newish listings for these properties, the new homes will strongly resemble the existing homes, with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, roof decks, and about 2000 sqft of living space. Each of the three soon-to-be-built homes are listed at $239,900. Hopefully, the development of these homes in addition to the homes that have already been built, will stimulate activity in this part of the neighborhood. It could definitely use the help.

Across the street, looking west on Manton St.
Some blighted properties just to the north
Also across the street. No idea what this is even doing here.