Homes Continue to Rise, So Does Storage Facility

If you didn't notice the sign on the fence, you could believe that the ongoing construction at the corner of 23rd & Washington is a fabulous example of progress and a step in the right direction for a corridor that's begging for mixed-use development. If you then read the sign, you'd discover the depressing truth that this building, now getting framed out in steel, will be a 60'-tall storage facility, and your excitement would turn to depression. But alas, that's what's happening, though more slowly than we were led to believe last summer.

View at 23rd & Washington

So yeah, this storage facility is happening. But developers on the 2300 block of Alter Street are thus far undeterred as they build a row of new townhomes on the entire south side of this block. The first phase of eight homes looks like it's finished and now the second phase, consisting of six more homes, is underway. You can see the newest homes from Washington Avenue.

Looking south on Washington Avenue, new homes are being framed

Looking east on Alter Street

Despite the ongoing construction across the street and the soon-to-be impeded views of the city, the homes are selling. According to the newest listing, six of the first eight homes have already sold or gone under agreement, all at prices in the high $400K range. These homes are quite large, with 2,600 sqft of living space, 3-4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and garage parking. The newest homes are listed for just under $515K, a price that would have been insane in this neighborhood just a couple of years ago. According to a sign at the property, we can expect six more homes as a third phase of this project.

Looking west on Alter Street

Although there's an unfortunate project happening at 23rd & Washington, it seems surrounding development isn't really impacted. Still, it's upsetting that of all the major projects proposed for Washington Avenue in the last several years, the only one that's actually getting built at this point is the lousy storage facility. Just imagine, if those other projects were under construction or built by now, how different Washington Avenue would look. Perhaps it's time for rezoning? Or maybe we should have a meeting about it every six months but not actually do anything about it? Yeah, that sounds better.

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