Three New Homes Could Soon Go Up in Pennsport

Mr. Fox

Ah, Pennsport. It seems like every other week we hear about a big new development coming to this neighborhood. At 2nd & Wharton, home are replacing a burned out warehouse. At 3rd & Reed, homes will soon rise where a church once stood. On the 100 block of Ellsworth, a vacant lot has given way to new homes. And more projects are on the way.

But there are still smaller developments taking place here. One-off homes are still getting built, and some developers are putting up just a few homes at a time. Take, for example, the zoning notices that recently went up at 1231 S. 2nd St., on a cinderblock fence.

From a distance
Closer look

According to the L&I Map, two homes will go up on 2nd Street and a third will rise on Hancock Street, behind the fence. The homes on 2nd Street will rise four stories (hey, it's not like there's a consistent cornice line on this block anyway) and the home on Hancock will go up three stories. All of the homes will also have parking.

Future site of the home on Hancock Street

This case went to the ZBA earlier this month and was continued, so we are guessing that it will indeed get heard when it goes up in October. As for whether the variances will be granted and the developers will be able to build the homes they'd like to build? We'll let you know when we know.