Update: Lite Bite Building Finally Under Construction

We’ve visited 263 N 3rd St. repeatedly over the last couple of years, first wondering why the location was sitting vacant, then wondering about what appeared to be some construction activity. Over the summer, we went past the property and discovered that all but the stone facade had been demolished. As you may or may not recall, the Historical Commission permitted the demolition of the majority of the building because the existing structure would not have been able to support the weight of the proposed addition. Since the stone architrave was the only historically valuable component of the existing building, that’s all that’s remained for many months.

In 2011
In June

But just the other day a reader gave us the heads up that construction had recently gotten underway. So we naturally swung by to check it out. And they were, indeed, not kidding.

is moving along

When the building is finished, it will contain six apartments and a commercial space on the first floor. In a few months, we’ll be sure to check back in on this site, to see how the construction has progressed. And we will, of course, keep an eye out for what tenant might be taking over that retail space…