Luxury Homes Under Construction on Church Street

We confess, we'd never set foot on the 100 block of Church Street before a couple of weeks ago. We were familiar with the 200 block of Church, where Old City Coffee has been doing their thing forever and we used to burn the midnight oil at Sugar Mom's. Oh, and there's a pretty famous church there too. But the 100 block? We confess, we didn't know it existed. But if we may provide an excuse, it's not as if the block had been crying out for attention. It's home to some nice looking historic buildings but little retail to speak of, and until recently there was a big surface parking lot there as well. But today we bring the always welcome news of a surface parking lot that's no more.

Currently, framing is underway at 113-125 Church St., the aforementioned former surface parking lot. The skinniness of the block makes photography a little challenging, but here are a couple of images of what's going on.

Framing from a couple weeks back

View from the east

Eventually, seven new homes will rise on this little cobblestone block, in a project from A2Z Development LLC called 7 inSpire. Atrium Design has done the architecture work for the homes, which will be of the ultra-luxury variety. Look for 4,000+ sqft of living space, off-street parking, high-end finishes, and a very contemporary look for the neighborhood. According to the architect, the first floor colonnade is a modern interpretation of historic materials and massing commonly seen in Old City. And the color scheme is inspired by the white spire of Christ Church, just half a block away.

Project rendering

Another view

If you visit the project website, you can see additional images plus detailed floor plans for every unit. Clearly, these will be among the nicest homes built this year not only in the neighborhood but in all of Center City. If you've been craving a move to Old City and can afford such a home, we strongly suggest you take a look. Or if you're a member of the proletariat like us, you can dream away and keep playing the Powerball.