Three Homes Planned on Brown St. in Northern Liberties

A long vacant (and long for sale) lot in Northern Liberties should soon be transformed into three new homes. Shimi Zaken of Atrium Design will be designing these homes at 425-433 Brown St.

Vacant lot
Sign has seen better days

The owner/developer is David Reuter, who we believe is a partner at a local private equity firm. Reuter, along with two partners, purchased these lots for $400K a few months ago. According to the zoning application, the three homes planned for this lot will all be different. One home will rise over 54′ high and will have roof decks and two car parking. The second home will only rise 44′ high and will also have roof decks and two car parking. The third home will only be 35′ high. Kind of an interesting choice, no?

In recent weeks, we’ve covered several development in Northern Liberties. These include a six story mixed-use building at 2nd and Brown Sts., two new homes that will soon rise on Lawrence St., seven new homes that will be built on American and Bodine Sts., and a couple of ongoing projects right near the intersection of 4th and Brown Sts., across from Honey’s Sit n’ Eat. In case you couldn’t tell, demand is sky high in this area. Or at least developers seem to think so. With most larger, more desirable lots being snatched up and developed these days, it won’t be long now before there’s no more room to build in the neighborhood.

And then it will be on to Kensington! And Fishtown! Huzzah!