Thanks to GoPuff, Former Finnigan’s Wake is Going Poof

GoPuff is a true Philadelphia success story. For those unfamiliar, this company is essentially an online convenience store, delivering the stuff that you’d typically get from your local Wawa or 7-11 for a mere $1.95 charge. When it started, the company’s approach targeting a the niche market of hookah delivery, hence the name. But they quickly pivoted to the broader online convenience store model, and they’ve since expanded to dozens of cities and raised over $8M in venture capital investments. Did we mention the company was founded by a couple of Drexel undergrads in 2013? Like we said, it’s a Philadelphia success story that should only grow more satisfying as the company continues to expand its reach.

The thing about growing companies is that they tend to require more and more space to run their operation. That’s why GoPuff will soon be moving into a new headquarters space at 3rd & Spring Garden, despite moving to their current office just last year. Their current space is a converted church in the Callowhill neighborhood, and their future home is the former Finnigan’s Wake, a bro-bar that nobody ever confused with a religious institution. You may recall, the former Finnigan’s closed a few years back and was listed for sale, somehow not finding a buyer at at list price of $3.5M.

The former Finnigan's Wake
View from the east

In 2015, we told you that a sale appeared imminent, and that the new owners intended to build a two-story addition and convert the building into office space. Those plans fell through, came back, and apparently fell through again, as the building has remained largely untouched until very recently. A reader tipped us off about a month ago about some interior demolition work, and we tried to get some information but couldn’t come up with anything. Earlier this week though, dropped the news that GoPuff will be moving to this location in the near future. Not only will they be renovating the former Finnigan’s space, but they will also expand their footprint into the former Joe Hand Boxing Gym space behind the former bar, on Green Street. Look for a total of 30K sqft, and we don’t believe that previously planned addition is going to end up happening.

View at 3rd & Green
Looking west on Green Street

In conjunction with the opening of a new headquarters, GoPuff also plans to open 10 new warehouses in the region in the next few years. The new office space will allow the company to create 150 new jobs, while the warehouses will result in a few hundred more. Obviously, new jobs are great, and so is the renovation of the well situated but oddly vacant former bar on Spring Garden Street. Hey, this might not be the 50,000 25,000 jobs that Amazon HQ2 would have brought to the city, but it also isn’t costing the City and State $5.7B in various incentives. Slow and steady, folks, we’re heading in the right direction. One Finnigan’s Wake at a time.

  • James Goodwin

    Loved Finnegan’s Wake. What killed it was the incessant complaining by neighbors of parking and noise coming from the place. That’s why would be suitors didn’t move to buy the bar and shied away from touching it with a 50 foot pole. Finnegan’s Wake was a beautifully created bar and it took neighbors to kill the zoning variance for the addition. Nothing was good enough for the neighborhood as what did they expect when living in a city?

    • EvilGnome

      You feel that way because you were a patron and not a neighbor. The bar regularly overserved underage kids, (I personally witnessed several fights there or just outside) and brought in all the suburban meatheads that would otherwise be confined to old city. Good riddance and welcome to GoPuff.

  • Beanman

    I enjoyed Finnigans (the bar itself) and was sad to see it go. I would prefer another bar and/or restaurant to move in here but alas… at least something is happening with this space. It seems like prime location and has been vacant forever. Odd situation. Best of luck to the new tenants (aka the ap I will never use because I can walk).

  • Major Raja

    Good riddance to Finnegan’s Wake and let’s hope beyond hope that GoPuff gets rid of that hideous facade.