Odd and Ugly Building on New Market St.

Mr. Fox

We've been meaning to mention this place for awhile now, ever since we told you about the transformation of Jerry's Bar, just a few doors up the street. At 924-28 New Market St., on a block you've probably never seen with your own eyeballs, sits a structure that shows only hints of the handsome building it once must have been.

Surrounded by row homes

The property was purchased in 1965 by Benjamin Kovant, who established AA Fence Co., which continues to operate out of this property. A little surprising that business gets done at this place, considering how unwelcoming the building appears.

From the looks of it, we assumed that a place of worship once called this building home. We guessed right. According to a report from the 2009 IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy, D'rshe Tov was founded at this location in 1891. It moved to the northeast in 1962, and from what we can tell, Mr. Kovnat moved in just a few years later. Here's a look at what the building looked like in 1959:

Quite a difference

A couple of things we're wondering about regarding the building today.

#1: What's with the terrible stucco on the facade? Was that really necessary? And couldn't they have kept at least a few more windows?

#2: What's with this garage?

A full three feet up in the air

What can you park there, a monster truck?