More Development in Northern Liberties, this time with Subterranean Garages

Mr. Fox

We're not sure why we were at 6th and Poplar Sts. yesterday (but we assure you it had nothing to do with an obsession with the pastries at nearby Kaplan's), but while we were passing by, we noticed some serious construction going on halfway down the block.

Looking east

We spotted four fairly wide foundations on Poplar St., with three of them framed up to the first story. Looking closely at the foundations, we noticed huge gaps in the rear, which tells us these homes will either have enormous basement windows or below-grade parking. Looking at the zoning applications, these homes will also have elevators (!) and roof decks, but will only rise to a height of thirty-eight feet.

Builder Zain Development LLC is out of the 'burbs and we can't find any other projects they've done in town. We can only imagine what these places will look like when they're complete, but we're confident that they'll be unlike almost any other homes in the area. Yup, we're just not seeing too many elevators in single family homes these days.

As more information comes along, and building progresses on the site, we'll be sure to update.