A Study in Bay Windows: Northern Liberties (and some Fishtown) Edition

A few months back, we took a look at examples of bay windows in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, one of the most actively developing areas in the city over the past decade or so. Stucco bay windows, often utilized and commonly criticized, are definitely prominent in this neighborhood, though we found numerous examples of other styles, too.

Graduate Hospital has a fairly homogenous look, with relatively few new buildings stretching much beyond the boundaries of the classic Philly row home look. In Northern Liberties and Fishtown, on the other hand, builders have given us considerably more progressive, interesting, compelling, and/or tragic architectural efforts. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which homes are examples of what.

#1: Classic
#2: Single-story bay, with some fancy ornamentation on the bottom
#3: Shallow bays that seem more decorative than functional

#4: And now for something completely different
#5: Pointy
#6: Futuristic
#7: Not really a bay window... an anti-bay window? An un-bay window?
#8: Another single-story bay, with a fine-looking cornice above
#9: It's true, there are indeed some stucco bay windows in this part of town
#10: They certainly don't make them like this anymore
#11: They do, however, make them like this
#12: Angular and stylized. And possibly vinyl siding.
#13: Looks like they're not done yet
#14: Call the painters, please
#15: What's with the round window in between the two bays?
#16: Uh, probably gets great natural light
#17: Diggin' the corner bay
#18: Presented without comment
#19: Expected to see more like these
#20: Like the greenery on the balcony above
#21: Set back windows
#22: Dizzying