New Construction Coming on N. American St. Near the Old Ortliebs

Mr. Fox

We noticed some earth being moved on the 800 block of North American St., and were feeling pretty excited to see progress on an unusual block in Northern Liberties. On the northern end of the block, sits a vacant, deteriorating remnant of the Ortlieb's Brewery.

In bad shape

In the middle of the block, on the eastern side, sits another former Ortlieb's building that's had various uses in recent years but has perpetually been on the market, waiting for a buyer or tenant to fully utilize the cavernous structure.

45,000 sqft

Meanwhile, the lot in question has been empty for as long as we can remember. Recently, someone started digging a large hole.

Back in June, the owners of the lot, 1737 Chestnut R/E Advisors, presented to NLNA for the construction of nine homes with off-street parking. According to NLNA, the community requested some changes to the design, and the owners have not been back since. In addition, we can't find any information on the ZBA dockets about this project. We're certain that details will emerge soon, since they won't be able to do any building without going before zoning, but we're a little surprised that they started work of any kind without getting that little detail out of the way.

Was anyone at that meeting who remembers any details of the proposal? Does anyone have any information about the owners? Does anyone else think that the huge building on the east side of the street would make a legendary laser tag venue?