Kildare’s Hasn’t Paid Rent Since….$262,000 Ago

Will 4417 Main Street be up for rent soon if Kildare’s Irish Pub doesn’t get all their attorneys in a row? (And will Main Street Market pick up this space too?Kildare’s currently has multiple court cases filed away at the Municipal Court of Philadelphia, two of those cases open right now involve Dave Magrogan’s Kildare’s failing to pay rent. [We all know Manayunk rent is high, but Kildare’s has a $12,000-per-month rent that was locked in until 2013 (no wonder Stephen Starr smartened up and opened Adsum in Queens Village instead of pricey Manayunk) and that doesn’t include taxes, Use and Occupancy Insurance or the percentage they are charged for liquor sales.]

The property owners of 4417 Main Street (Main Street Properties and Neducsin Management, the latter of which actually ordered Kildare’s to withdraw from the property back in November) are suing the Irish bar for $262,467.60 (it’s important they record that 60 cents). This just adds to the pile of default payments on the accountants’ desk at Kildare’s: $7,000 owed to Michael DeAngelis (thanks to the fighting Irish Kildare’s employee who attacked him) and $7,432.48 owed to Singer Equipment Company. We donned black hoods and our black belts to get the court documents (just kidding) that proved Kildare’s does owe money to a multiple companies, but never shows up to the hearings to state their case. Needless to say, Kildare’s will probably lose their $12,000 security deposit (yowser).

We are surprised Main Street is mirroring the tragic flaw of South Street: a heavily trafficked area that, even though on paper would be a business owner’s dream, has become a rotating door for stores that just can’t seem to stay open. Is it the high rent? The economy? Seeing premier Cadence cycling and dive-y Bayou have survived where Ben & Jerry’s can not, we can only assume Manayunk is a town of people who just want to bike and drink. To do your own detective work, fact check ours and peruse the 55 cases against Kildare’s, search the Philadelphia Court Records for Kildare’s here. (Thanks to Sam Fran Scavuzzo for the lead!)

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