Lease This Building on Richmond Street!

Or at least go to the cafe nearby!
Mr. Fox

Port Richmond is officially a thing, folks. We say this as we write from the friendly confines of River Wards Cafe, a neighborhood coffee shop that opened at 3118 Richmond St. a few months ago. And did you know that the folks from Loco Pez opened Bait & Switch Seafood Bar last month on Somerset Street? And perhaps more than anything, the yoga studio on Richmond Street is the most significant sign that times are indeed changing in this area.

River Wards Cafe

Perhaps you'd like to get in on the action? Last week, a developer in the neighborhood reached out to let us know that the former Polish Army Veterans Hall at 3178 Richmond St. is available for lease. According to the property website, the building has about 7,000 sqft of interior space and could accommodate any number of commercial uses by right. Given the open space inside, we'd think that a co-working space could fit the bill, though any kind of office use would probably be appropriate. The building could also be used as event space, a gallery, day care, or any number of other uses we aren't considering at the moment. Whoever ends up leasing it will, at the very least, command one of the more handsome buildings in the area.

The building

A peek inside

Though Richmond Street has seen new blood of late, there are still plenty of vacancies along the corridor for new retailers to come into the neighborhood. That being said, the neighborhood's Polish roots still run strong, as there are still numerous spots to grab some tasty and authentic pierogi. Next time you're driving down I-95, get off an exit early and take a peek around Port Richmond. Grab some coffee, lease a former veterans hall, eat some Polish treats, and check out what might just be the next big neighborhood in terms of Philadelphia development.