Another Vacancy Coming to Another South Street West Corner

Perhaps it was inevitable. What comes up must come down. Peaks are followed by valleys. Bears follow bulls. For the past couple of years, it’s been only good news for South Street West as new businesses have filled vacant spaces and new buildings have gone up on vacant lots. And that trend is definitely continuing, with a perfect example on display last week.

But of late, it seems the market is correcting somewhat. Yesterday, we told you that Philly Cupcake was closing at 20th & South. And today, we have news about another South Street West corner that’s about to turn over.

Baha Room

For years, Baja Room has held down the corner at 1500 South St., offering Mexican food and drink to a neighborhood that doesn’t have many other options in that department. But according to signs inside the restaurant, they will soon be moving to 1001 E. Passyunk Ave., a triangular storefront that last held a weird arts cafe for a month or two. We’re not sure what’s inspired the move.

Old photo of future home of Baja Room

A sign recently went up on the building indicating that it’s available for lease. We checked in with the broker, who indicated that he’s looking for $3,200/month which includes water and a share of property taxes. The liquor license, however, won’t come with the building, as we’d have to guess it will go with Baja Room to their new location.

Sign up on the building

Baja Room will be open for three more weekends, according to someone we spoke with over there, and the space will come available on January 1st, according to the broker. Hopefully, the corridor will see a valuable new addition and the space won’t sit empty for long. We have our fingers crossed for another Mexican spot, but to be honest we’d settle for anything else that isn’t currently found on South Street West.

What would you like to see here?