Update: More Info on Homes Replacing Ridge Ave. Farmers Market

Yesterday, we gave you the heads up about ten new homes in the early stages of construction on a lot that once was the site of the Ridge Avenue Farmers Market. At that time, we wondered whether the homes would extend all the way to Ridge Ave., ruining the potential for a future commercial use on the corner.

Construction site
View from Ridge Ave.

According to a helpful reader, our concerns were unfounded. The hole that we see in the photos above is, in fact, the closest that the new development will come to Ridge Avenue. The additional homes will proceed in the opposite direction, ending at the corner of Ginnodo and Leland Sts.

As it turns out, the rather large remaining part of the parcel that’s next to the development and fronts Ridge Ave. is for sale. The parcel has 92′ of frontage of Ridge Ave., and runs 75′ deep. Plenty a developer could do with a parcel of that size.

Sign on the lot

Also, thanks to a thread on Philadelphia Speaks, we were able to get a look at some renderings for this project, thanks to Elzblz. The new homes will be built to resemble the homes across the street in terms of brickwork and cornice design. Kind of a cool concept.

Kind of repetitive, but not too shabby. Photo credit: Elzblz
Site plan that also compares the new homes to a home across the street. Photo credit: Elzblz

The homes will be listed for sale once completed, and offered at market rate prices.