Two-Sided Building Under Construction on Ridge

The other day, we told you about a new foundation on the 1700 block of Ridge Ave. which will eventually house three apartments and a restaurant of some kind. A block away, there's a very similar project that's under construction, just a little further along in the process.

From a distance. Note the Divine Lorraine in the background

1623 Ridge Ave., which sits right near the corridor's intersection with Ogden Street, has been vacant for many years. In 2013, developers purchased the lot, it seems at sheriff's sale. The parcel runs street to street, at an angle, between Ridge and Ogden. The new four-story building, as you can see, is built on an angle that traces the property line.

Closer look. Vineyards project is nearby.

The same guys also own the triangular lot next door for which we imagine they must have plans as well. Once that property is developed, the weirdness of the building currently under construction should be mitigated some. If you remember, we've been keeping tabs on this block of Ogden Street for some time, as it's slowly lurched forward with the construction of a handful of duplexes on the north side of the street. Hopefully, the project pictured above will further encourage developers to look to build up this block, which still is overwhelmed by vacancy.

View of the block from the east last summer

We have a feeling, though, that this won't be the situation for too much longer.