Two New Homes on E. Fletcher, Next To Seemingly Vacant Building

The other day, we happened upon a wee bit of construction on the 2300 block of E. Fletcher St., between Cedar and Memphis Streets. Looking at Google Street View, we see that 2336 E. Fletcher St. was previously a green one-story garage. Developers purchased the building, tore it down, and viola, we have two new homes under construction. These homes will have garages, according to the permits, and because street parking happens on the other side of the street this won't take away any spots. 

The view in the past

The property and the boarded up building next door
While a couple new homes is a fine thing to bring to your attention, we're perhaps a little more interested in the building next door. Considering the rapid pace of development in Fishtown, we don't really expect to see boarded up buildings like this in the middle of the neighborhood. From the looks of it, we can assume that this building was once a stable of some kind. With the 'No Parking' signs on the doors, it's quite possible it's still in use now, maybe for parking or storage.

Home on Susquehanna
The building has no address on Fletcher, and the property actually stretches all the way to Susquehanna Avenue. Looking at a satellite view, we learned that the building is in fact rather small, and shares a parcel with a double-wide Victorian home. This property sold just a couple years ago for a mere $300K, and we'd say that the folks who bought the property did quite well for themselves. We wonder whether they might consider selling off the half of their property on Fletcher Street at some point in the future and if/when that happens, we'll see two more new construction homes sprout next to the pair under construction today.
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