Two Homes Will Rise at Corner of E Columbia & Belgrade

Will be an improvement over current situation
Mr. Fox

Over the weekend, a reader spotted zoning notices at 1401 E. Columbia Ave., currently a lot fenced in by brick walls. We did a little investigating, and learned that two new homes are proposed for this location. With lot dimensions of 20' by 91', the parcel is too large for a single home, so the proposal from developers Kofiaia LLC seems to make a good deal of sense.

Current view

According to My Philly Kind, the homes will be designed by KJO Architecture, and each will feature a covered parking spot. They'll have a much more contemporary look than most of the other homes in the area, which isn't such a bad thing if you ask us. Check out this rendering:

Project rendering

Look for prices in the low to mid $400K range for these 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom homes. Assuming the ZBA gives their blessing, we would expect to see construction get underway in the months to come. And we hope they do, since these homes will be a nice upgrade over the current situation on this lot. And with a location in the sweet spot of Fishtown, just a couple of blocks off of Frankford Ave. and a couple of blocks off of Girard Ave., we would guess that the homes won't sit on the market for long.