Seven Homes Approved on Dakota Street

Last month, we told you about a seven home development planned for the 2300 block of E. Dakota Street. This block, you may recall, is pretty tough to find because the street comes and goes and this particular block doesn't even have enough room for a car to pass. Also, it dead-ends after less than a hundred feet. For many years, a row of three small homes has been the extent of the real estate on the block, and of late a single developer has bought up every parcel on the block.

It's looked like this for many years

About a week ago, the project went before the ZBA and got approval, so it looks like this thing is a go. We were able to get our mitts on renderings, thanks to the good people at KJO Architecture.

Project rendering

Another angle

You can pretty much tell from the drawing, all of these homes will be quite skinny, with each probably coming in around 12.5' wide. We've seen on some East Kensington projects, the market is supporting such projects, with sale prices in the low $300K range. Given the superior location and the cool pedestrian courtyard feature, we could imagine these homes selling at slightly higher prices. We do wonder though, why the developers didn't simply lose a home and go for wider units.

Architecturally, we'd guess that people will be split on the look of these homes, but we're feeling the ultra-contemporary look. It will certainly represent a big upgrade over what's currently on the site. What do you think?