Homes Getting Framed at Amber & Arizona

A reader reached out the other day, wondering about some recently-started framing at 2319 Amber St. in East Kensington. It turns out we covered this property a little over a year ago, shortly after developers bought it and tore down the auto garage that had made its home here for quite some time.

In the past

But since only demolition permits had been pulled at that point, we weren't sure what was coming next. We suggested two enormous new homes fronting Amber Street or five more appropriately sized homes fronting Arizona. It seems the developers made the right call, going with five homes on Arizona. Looking at some EKNA community meetings from last year, it seems like a previous iteration of the project involved four homes and a mixed-use building at the corner, but from what we can tell, the final plan will mean five new homes here. As we told you, those homes are now getting framed as we speak.

Framing is progressing

When we covered this property before, we mused that residential construction makes all kinds of sense around here, as Amber Street and surrounding blocks have seen all kinds development over the last few years. This remains true today, as you can see a newer home in the background of the photo above. Across the street, a two-story home was getting renovated when we passed by, getting a new facade in the process. And of course, there's additional construction in the immmediate area, to be covered at a later date.

Rehab across the street

Perhaps even the vacant lot in the photo above, at 2317 Amber St., will soon get redeveloped as well. Now that we think about it, it's probably a foregone conclusion.