Another Hole in the Ground on a Changing Block of Hagert

Hagert Street between Jasper and Emerald has undergone incredible change over the last number of years, and there’s more change brewing. When we were in the neighborhood the other day, we happened upon a new hole in the ground at 1914 E. Hagert St., next to a large blue garage. This parcel was previously associated with the garage, though it seems it didn’t get a whole lot of use. So it makes plenty of sense that the owners of the property would sell it off to developers, which is what happened earlier this year.

New hole in the ground

Already, as the hole in the ground would suggest, the developers are moving forward with a plan to build. They’re doing something rather unusual, constructing four buildings roughly in the shape of the letter ‘C,’ with a courtyard in the middle. Three of the buildings will be duplexes, and the final unit, located on the northern side of the property, will have four units. We’ve only seen developers take this approach once before, for a project near 2nd & Washington in Queen Village. Hey, if it works there, we don’t see why it wouldn’t work here.

New duplexes across the street

It seems like a good bet that the units will be listed as condos; we’ve seen multiple condo projects succeed in the area, including across the street. We told you a few weeks ago about a few duplexes getting started on the 1900 block of Letterly and mentioned the first phase of that project had frontage on Hagert. Those units, pictured above, have already seen a couple of sales, with a lower unit selling at $260K and an upper unit selling for $315K. A couple more units are under agreement already, so that project is trending in a positive direction and should portend favorable results across the street.

Senior housing, to the south

South of those condos is a senior housing building that went up a couple years ago which doesn’t really fit into the narrative above about market rate condos. We only bring it to your attention to show additional changes the block has undergone over the last several years. You may not remember (we actually had forgotten), but the entire eastern side of this block was once occupied by the Emsley Hosiery factory, which unfortunately burned down in 2010. And it’s taken until now for the block to recover. Fortunately, the momentum in the neighborhood suggests recovery in the near future for other blocks that have suffered a similar fate.