Queen Village

Homes instead, and you gotta think they'll be nice

In Bella Vista and Queen Village, Bainbridge Street has seen some changes of late. Most recently, developers have come on the scene with plans to build seven new homes with parking at 711-15 Bainbridge St., a surface parking lot that extends to 7th Street. This lot is actually right across the street from a proposal we covered last week for a new mixed-use building on the southeast corner of 7th & Kater.

View on Bainbridge Street
View on 7th Street

The developers appeared last month before the Bella Vista Neighbors Association and received a letter of non-opposition from the community group. There was some token architectural feedback offered, but nothing life-changing. The project was approved by the ZBA two weeks ago so look for the parking lot to shut down sooner rather than later.

Eight units and a cafe are coming soon

A little over a year ago, we told you about Fabric Lofts, an exciting plan for an old warehouse located on the southeast corner of 5th & Monroe. At the time, the building was home to Fleishman Fabrics, a business that has since moved, logically, to Fabric Row. As you might expect, the building has a history of commercial use. Back in the 1960s, the building was host to a wallpaper business. It has maintained much of its character, making it attractive for adaptive reuse.

Apartments coming in its place

The other day, a reader gave us the heads up about demolition at 1014 E. Moyamensing Ave., a former nursery on a block that's entirely residential aside from a pet store/record store a bit to the north. The building that disappeared served as a nursery/day care for twenty-five years, and before that it was a storage garage. The building was nothing special, in our opinion.

In the past
No more building

According to permits on the property, a four-story, five-unit apartment building will soon get built here. No word on whether they'll be rentals or condos, though we'd bet on rentals. The reader who told us about this situation expressed some surprise that this project was taking place on a block that's full of single-family homes and that the developers didn't have to appear before QVNA to get community approval.

Sounds extremely dangerous

Society Hill Beverage is getting a roommate, er, nine of them to be exact. Assuming the ZBA says yes, soon they'll have new upstairs neighbors, as developers plan to build an addition on top of the warehouse at 129-43 Washington Ave. that currently houses the beer distributor. Plans are to build a second floor with nine apartment units.

Apartments planned above the beer distributor

This Queen Village block has seen improvements in recent years. On the south side of the street, a collection of new homes have been built, with the latest phase recently coming to a close. Long abandoned foundations are finally on the way to redevelopment on this block as well. Just next door to Society Hill Beverage, the once bleak looking Sonny's General Auto Repair at 123-29 Washington Ave., is being converted into three homes fronting League Street with garages fronting Washington Avenue. Not the most spectacular improvement, garage to garage, but it's a clear step in the right direction and points to reinvestment along a block in an area that has historically been industrial.

After years and years of fabric stores

When we last checked in on the corner of 4th & Fitzwater, new construction at the southwest corner was approaching completion. Remember, the building that once stood here burned in the spring of 2013, leading to its demolition. While its replacement was under construction, Jack B. Fabrics moved to the 743 S. 4th St., on the southeast corner. In the months since our last visit, the construction finished up and the fabric store moved back to its original location, leaving the space across the street vacant. But it appears as though plans are in the works to fill that space.

Former and present home of Jack B. Fabrics
LCB notice in the window across the street

The names on the LCB application are Scott Schroeder and Patrick O'Malley. Schroeder, according to Philly Voice, is the chef at SPTR and American Sardine Bar. O'Malley is a pastry chef. As of last week, there were no additional details on the project.