Queen Village

Progress on multiple fronts

Ah, 6th & Passyunk. Where Queen Village meets Bella Vista. Home to Shot Tower Coffee. Next to a triangular patch of ground that might be redeveloped someday or might sit fallow for many years to come. And right between two ongoing residential projects. We've covered both of them in the past, but each are ripe for an update.

Current view of former Goldstein's

Closer look

A little over a year ago, we told you that Goldstein's Men's and Boy's Apparel was moving from their longtime home at 807 S. 6th St., and developers were planning three new homes on this oddly angled property. We expected that this would entail the demolition of the existing building, though, not the renovation we see in the images above. Whoops. According to the listing,floorplans are fluid and can accommodate between 4 bedrooms and 6 bedrooms (for those of you with extra large families). Three bathrooms and about 3,000 sqft of living space are a little more set in stone. All this can be yours for a mere $870K! The facades will be a contemporary transformation of the building, which we believe dates back to the 1970s.

We've been waiting for years

It's been a rough decade for the neighbors on the 700 block of S. 2nd Street, as 718-24 S. 2nd St. has provided intermittent construction aggravation and a near permanent eyesore for almost all of those years. We first brought these properties to your attention in the summer of 2011, wondering about the status of this seemingly stalled construction project.

The view a year ago

By 2014, new developers purchased the properties and were negotiating with neighbors and representatives of QVNA on how to proceed. The developers were hoping to resume construction on the existing buildings and produced a report from a structural engineer that indicated this would be a safe course of action. So we were hopeful that this project would finally get buttoned up. But then nothing happened. We came back here about a year ago, noting that demolition notices were posted and were optimistic that something could finally be moving forward. And then months rolled along and still nothing happened. Whoops.

We've got nothin'

Due to the fact that Philadelphia has existed for hundreds of years, all sorts of oddities occur across the cityscape. One such oddity can be found on the 400 block of Bainbridge Street, hidden among a row of homes. Down an alleyway at 412 Bainbridge St. sits a collection of homes called Bainbridge Court. 

Rendering shows additional apartments as well

It was less than a week ago that we told you about some upcoming changes at 4th & Queen, mostly as an excuse to share the news that a new restaurant called the Bagel Place would be opening in a retail space on the southwest corner. A commenter (who also happens to be the chair of the QVNA zoning committee) was kind enough to provide some more color to our story, adding that the Bagel Place will have salads and sandwiches and that the owner wants to offer the "best bagels in Philly." Consider the gauntlet dropped, Philly Style Bagels, Spread, and South Street Bagels. Watch yer backs.

Bagel Place coming soon

Now let's turn our attention across the street, to the southeast corner. As we told you before, there was a zoning notice on this property but the application confused us and we weren't sure we'd see any actual changes from the street. KJO Architecture, the design professionals working on the project, reached out to us to clarify that we will indeed see some changes on the street, as Little Italy 2 will be growing and the apartments above will be expanded and renovated. This addition will happen in a small space to the south of the building which has traditionally been used for trash collection. KJO was also kind enough to send along a rendering that shows what the addition will look like at the end of days. Or perhaps just at sunset.

Help me, Bagel Place, you're my only hope

We were drawn to the 4th & Queen intersection recently, thanks to a reader wondering about a zoning notice on the southeast corner. This building was renovated a few years back, along with a number of buildings to the south. That renovation included the closing of Queen Village Pizza and the opening of the vastly superior Little Italy 2 Pizza. Considering that there was a bunch of work done here so recently, we were confused about what was happening.

Southeast corner of 4th & Queen

To be honest, we're still a bit confused. The zoning application seeks to redraw lot lines between the corner building and the three addresses to the south on 4th Street. The owners are looking to do a little demolition and build some new additions which may or may not entail a new building on the parcel to the south of the pizza place. At the end of the day, this zoning application won't make much of a difference in anybody's life from what we can tell, assuming it's even approved by the ZBA.