Queen Village

It can't possibly look any worse!

Queen Village is home to some of the most wonderful architecture in the City, with many beautiful rowhomes and numerous examples of older buildings that have been restored and reused over the years. It's also home to a lousy looking shopping center on the northeast corner of 2nd & Christian that's home to a 7-11, a cleaners, a pharmacy, and a Chinese restaurant. The building sticks out some in Queen Village, looking like it would be more at home in the 'burbs than at this location. Judging from the crapitude of the architecture, we'd guess it was built in the 1970s.

The shopping center today

The other day, a reader brought it to our attention that some permits have been posted to the side of the building which could spell good news for people who never cared for this building. The owners of the property plan to build an addition to this property, with plans calling for two new stories and fourteen apartments. The ground-floor retail will remain. From what we can tell, the project will be entirely by-right.

Not the greatest change in our estimation

The 100 block of Washington Avenue has seen some serious changes in the last few years, with a bunch of new homes rising on the south side (technically on Alter Street but whatever), and a one-story garage on the north side turning into three new homes just last year. We found ourselves on this block earlier today and noticed yet another project, this time of a commercial nature.

New homes on Washington Ave., with one still for sale

The building at 113 Washington Ave. was a Summit Real Estate office for many years, but they've moved deeper into South Philly and now a new business is taking over this one-story structure. The building was previously pretty uninspiring so any renovation effort should be a step in the right direction.

And we can give you an idea of what it'll look like too

Take a look at this section of the 900 block of S. 5th St. back in 2007.

The view back in 2007

Passing by this area today, we see a very different scene, with previously vacant and blighted buildings either renovated or replaced. And one new building, at 934 S. 5th St., is under construction.

Current view

We actually told you about this project several months ago, when it was only a foundation. To refresh your memory, developers purchased this property and some others immediately to the east, they've combined the lots into one property, and they're building a nine-unit apartment building. It's tough to tell from walking by, but little Hall Street intersects with 5th Street here, though calling it a street instead of a path is a bit of a stretch.

Queen Village getting some more mansions

When we last checked in on the Shot Tower Estates project at 112 Christian St., five enormous homes were nearly finished, with four more to follow. Remember, the huge parcel was home to a large one-story garage and some office space for the Scandinavian Shipping Supply Company. Before that, it functioned as the Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate. We first brought the property to your attention several years ago, noting that the property had gone went under agreement after two weeks on the market.

A few years ago

If you pass by today, you'll see that the second phase of the project is very much underway, with four big homes now framed out on Christian Street. Those other five homes are hiding behind the new ones, accessible via a drive-aisle.

Neighbors will throw a party

We've had an eye on 718-724 S. 2nd St. for several years, first bringing the property to your attention back in the summer of 2011. Though the property has been on our radar for a remarkable five years, it's been a thorn in the sides of its neighbors for half a decade more. This stalled construction site has been a blight on the neighborhood for so long, but it looks like it could soon meet its destiny at last.

Stalled project

A reader tipped us off today that demolition notices have been posted to the property. This is very good news indeed.