Point Breeze

Sure, why not?

We've noticed that developers today are ready and willing to develop any parcel in Point Breeze that they can get their hands on. Looking back a couple of years, we remember when new homes arrived on the 1100 block of S. Sydenham St. and we were pretty surprised that developers were willing to consider a block that was so overrun with blight and vacancy. Today, more than half of that block has either turned over or is under construction. We could say similar things about the 1300 block of Chadwick Street and the 2000 block of Annin Street. We're usually pretty good at learning our lesson so perhaps we shouldn't be so surprised that the generally lousy 1300 block of S. Lambert St. is now seeing some new construction.

Corner home looks massive

Through some amazing coincidence (we swear, this wasn't planned), we last visited the 1200 block of Bonsall Street exactly one year ago. At that time, two new homes were under construction where Bonsall Street hits the 2300 block of Federal. Those homes are now, as you might guess, finished, with the interior home selling for $380K and the corner selling for a whopping $459K. Today though, we'll draw your attention a half block to the south, to 1240 S. Bonsall St., at the corner of Bonsall & Oakford.

Corner of Bonsall & Oakford

Developers bought this formerly vacant lot earlier this year, paying $100K for the privilege. We'd guess they'd be incredibly satisfied with a similar price to what the developers got at the corner of Federal Street. Wouldn't you? Meanwhile, the vacant lot next door and the home that's just to the south both sold in August, which tells us that both will be redeveloped soon even though there aren't yet any permits pulled for those properties.

They look like they'll be pretty large

It's been a few months since we last checked in on the 2300 block of Alter Street in Point Breeze. Back in April, we updated you on the progress of the residential development on the block, noting that additional homes were under construction and many units had sold from the first phase of the project. At the same time, an unfortunate storage facility was rising on the north side of the street (and more prominently on the 2300 block of Washington Avenue), and we knew it would only continue to get taller as the months rolled off the calendar. Checking in today, we see, predictably, that more homes have been finished, more units have sold, and the storage facility has gotten bigger.

Row of new homes on the 2300 block

Tons of storage coming soon across the street

If we look a block to the east though, we see additional development on the 2200 block of Alter Street. We last visited this block in 2012, at which time a two-story modular building was under construction to be used as artist workspace. Seeing as it looked nothing like any other building in the neighborhood, a reader remarked that it looked like a spaceship had descended into Point Breeze. Four years later, there's still nothing like this building in the area.

Seven new homes on tap, with demolition now happening

A reader told us the other day about some ongoing demolition on the 2200 block of Wilder Street, giving us some inspiration to visit the block. We wrote about a seven home proposal on this block back in January, which would have entailed three homes on the south side of the street and four homes on the north side of the street. The three homes were to replace vacant homes and the four homes were to replace vacant lots. But the project hadn't yet gone to the ZBA and given the complicated nature of zoning in Point Breeze, we weren't entirely confident that the project would even happen.

With demolition now happening, it's a pretty clear sign that something is happening here.

Build condos perhaps?

When we last visited the 2300 block of Federal Street a few years back, we told you about some renovation activity on the south side of the block, close to 23rd Street. In the time since then, some of that work progressed to a logical conclusion, while other work sadly stalled out. It seems likely though, that any work that's now interrupted will eventually get finished. Such is the nature of development in Point Breeze these days.

South side of the 2300 block

At the time of our last visit, we also drew your attention to a former church on the northwest corner of the intersection. At the time, 1144 S. 23rd St. was seemingly sitting vacant, with L&I sealing the side door after a slew of violations. When we passed by the property over the weekend, the building was clearly getting some work done, so we figured we'd look into the situation.