Point Breeze

Not so much, it turns out

A reader reached out the other day, having spied zoning notices at 1172-74 S. Broad St. and wondering what's afoot. This building was home to a car dealership back in the day, and the rear of the property has been a dialysis center for the last few years. The front section of the building was for lease a couple years back, with Always Best Care Senior Services opening last year at some point. 

NW corner of Broad & Federal

Though the building is fully leased, it wouldn't have been a shock to learn that developers had stepped in with plans to demolish the building or build apartments above the existing structure. This section of South Broad Street has seen some new development in recent years, like the commercial renovation/addition across the street and the Armory apartment building a block to the south. And there's more coming, like the mixed-use project planned up the street next door to Papa Johns. And oh yeah, maybe something will happen someday at Broad & Washington.

Homes coming soon, we hope

Last week's community meeting about plans for forty-six homes at 2012 Wharton Street went pretty much as you would have expected. Roughly sixty people showed up, a representative from JKRP Architects presented the project, people from the crowd asked questions about affordability, other people aggressively asked about why it can't be a commercial project, and one person asked about the project's design. Per the Philadelphia Tribune, the community voted against the project 64-23, even though we're fairly certain those totals reflect some people in the room voting multiple times.

The Planning Commission supported the project this week, resulting in accusations of racism from two people opposing the project. It will go to the ZBA next month and we'll see what happens. But in the meantime, the developers are proceeding with site work, hopeful that they'll receive the necessary approvals. Earlier this week, they demolished the warehouse that's stood here for a hundred years and the change on the street is incredible.

The stucco excites us less

As the Point Breeze neighborhood went through a prolonged downturn, countless handsome buildings fell into disrepair. While many were eventually demolished, others survived but became disfigured over time thanks to suboptimal repair and renovation jobs. But times have changed and the last few years have meant a huge development surge in the neighborhood. For the most part, this has meant a wave of new construction, but many properties have been rehabbed too. This brings us to 1701 S. 19th St., an example of a building that we'd guess was once an architectural gem.

In the past

We can't find any historical images of this property but we'd guess that the first floor was once a small store of some kind, the cornice wasn't always covered in vinyl, and the turret at the corner once had windows. An added bonus, at some point the corner turret and bay window were covered in an unfortunate material that evokes a wool couch from the 1970s. According to some old listings, the building is a legal triplex, and contained a studio, a 1-bedroom, and a 2-bedroom unit. But new owners came on the scene a little over a year ago and have totally renovated the property.

Perhaps the most important project in the neighborhood this decade

Let's try this again.

A couple years back, we excitedly told you about plans for forty-eight new homes at 2012 Wharton St., immediately next door to a proposed twenty-two home project at the corner of 20th & Wharton. The latter project ran into some tough sledding at the ZBA, which inspired the developers of the former project to put their plans on hold. The twenty-two home proposal was revised and got approval from the ZBA over the summer, the large and ugly warehouse at the corner has been demolished, and construction is set to get moving in March. So naturally, the developers for 2012 Wharton St. are now looking to bring their project back from purgatory.

Redevelopment for a long vacant stretch

Some big changes are taking place on the 2400 block of Manton Street. When we last visited here over the summer, a new home was under construction on the southwest corner of 24th & Manton and it boasted a list price of $500K. At the time, we also reminded you about a plan from Streamline Solutions for a dozen new homes on the north side of the block and half a dozen more on the south side of the block. In the time that's passed since our last visit, the home at the corner has finished and sold for over $500K, and construction has started on a row of new homes across the street.

Looking down 24th Street
Row of six new homes on the north side of Manton Street

As we mentioned before, each of these new homes will have the three bedrooms and three bathrooms you'd expect in new construction, but a bit unusual for Point Breeze, each of the homes will have parking in the back. Despite the fact that these homes are rather slim, each only 14' wide, they're listed for $500K. The homes coming to the south side of the street, a similar width but sans parking, are listed for $450K. The listings for the homes on the north side provide a project rendering as well as some fancy 3D interior renders.