It's taken years

In fits and starts, the 100 blocks of Alter and Ellsworth Streets have been under construction for over a decade. It started around 2006, when five homes went up on Alter and another five rose on Ellsworth. Then there was nothing for a few years. Over the last couple of years though, we've seen additional infill construction. New homes have gone up on Ellsworth Street, finishing the row. A mixed-use building containing a salon arrived on 2nd Street. And last summer, we told you about three new homes on Alter Street.

It won't be a casino, we know that

If you're relatively new to Philadelphia, you probably think of Bart Blatstein as the developer who built the Piazza, or maybe as the businessman who's proposing a casino on the northern end of Center City, or perhaps as the guy who will finally, possibly, theoretically build something on the northeast corner of Broad & Washington. You may not know that he's also the one who developed large tracts on land on the South Philly waterfront, creating the popular if unexciting shopping center pictured below.

Pier 70 shopping center

A little to the north of this suburban-style shopping center is another large parcel once owned by Mr. Blatstein that he will apparently soon own again. According to a story from the Inquirer from a week and a half ago, Blatstein has an agreement to purchase the land along the waterfront that was going to be the site for the Foxwoods Casino. It sits on Columbus Blvd., between Tasker and Reed Streets. And it's gigantic, as you might imagine. Interestingly, it was Blatstein who originally sold the land to the company that intended to open the casino, which clearly did not achieve that objective. It's an odd coincidence that Blatstein may end up with that same license that was revoked from them in 2010.

Vacant lot a distant memory

In November, when we checked in on 1440 S. 5th St., the a new home had been framed out and bricks were being laid. We passed by about a week ago, and the home looked to be mostly finished. Previously, there was a vacant lot at this site.

The new home

According to the listing, the home has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and about 2,500 sqft of living space. It's on the market for just under $400K. And it certainly looks like no other home in the area. What do you think about the architecture? For some reason, we think the home looks like a ship.

The hits keep on coming

We understand if you're a little sick of hearing about different development opportunities in Pennsport. And we promise, this is the last one for awhile. That is, until we discover the next one. You may recall, in recent weeks we've told you about a relocating auto shop that will likely be converted into housing, a demolished church that will unfortunately be replaced by only two homes, and a warehouse on Front Street that's on the market for too much money. Today, we revisit the block that houses the first two spots we just mentioned, and look at 237 Tasker St., a large warehouse.

It's the one on the left

The property is quite large, with 101' of frontage on both Tasker and Greenwich Streets. The parcel is almost 10K sqft, and the warehouse currently has about 18K sqft of interior squarefootage. It's listed for sale for $1.15M. The listing suggests that the property would be good for food cart storage, contractors, or a day care, but we see residential possibilities.

Or maybe not?

Last week, we told you about a probable new development coming to the 200 block of Tasker Street replacing an auto shop. We also covered a missed development opportunity across the street, where only two homes will apparently be rising on an 11K sqft lot. Today, we will speculate about another potential development location in Pennsport, this time on Front Street.