Northern Liberties

So many other projects nearby

If you were to look at a map of Northern Liberties, and on this map include new development projects since 2013 alone, you would see projects at various levels on so many blocks. Such consistent development points to an ongoing trend in the neighborhood where you'd be hard-pressed to walk more than a block or two before coming upon a project that's under five years old.

That's the sort of framework we consider when we think about smaller projects, like plans at 410 Green St. for a one-off single-family home. On the surface, it's one simple project. But, there's more to it than that. Right now, the lot is corner parcel and serves as a small parking lot. It's where Green Street intersects with N. Lawrence street, where, yes, there's been new building the past few years. Silk City is around the corner too. Recently, the Northern Liberties Neighbors Neighbors Association supported plans for a home with a garage, designed by Harman Deutsch.

Will have a funky look too

A one-off project on the alley-sized 400 block of Myrtle Street is one of many projects in a few blocks radius in Northern Liberties. The 5th & Poplar intersection is one we've covered a great deal, and in the past few years, dozens of units have come online in the area.

Myrtle Street

The Northern Liberties Neighbors Association recently supported plans for a single-family home at 456-58 Myrtle St., with a request for adding more open space, according to zoning chair Larry Freedman. But the ZBA rejected the plans from developer Tom Cohen and architect Ed Fink at Fusa Designs. Right now, they are adjusting their plans, Freedman said.  Fink echoed those comments, saying the reason they were denied by ZBA was for height, and that they would reduce the height in the new plans. The developers acquired the now vacant parcel, located across the street from the parking lot of another modern style Northern Liberties development, last October.

We don't know, but they're kicking the gym out of the building

When Tower Investments built the Piazza several years ago, they capped the northern end of the development with the Rialto building, a seven story commercial building with a restaurant on the ground floor. At the time we thought it was a swell idea, and we thought that commercial tenants would have major interest in taking space so close to this blossoming mixed-use project. Presently, we know of Darling's Diner on the first floor, the Training Station on the third floor, and a real estate office on the fifth floor. Tower also has offices in the building.

View from the north

Yesterday, we got an email from a reader that belongs to the gym in the Rialto, informing them that another business will be taking over the entire building. As a result, the Training Center needed to find a new home. In April, they'll be moving to a new space at 5th & Spring Garden, but they'll unfortunately be out of commission for about six weeks in between. In their place, either someone new is coming to the building or an existing tenant is expanding their footprint.

A familiar face is moving to a new space

Paesano's in Northern Liberties is on the move—only a small relocation, just next door, acutally. The Northern Liberties Neighbors Association approved plans to move the sandwich shop two doors down to a newly constructed building at 148-50 W Girard Ave., a project we first told you about over two years ago.

Current space

It was a simple and smooth proposal for the NLNA, according to Larry Freedman, zoning chair. The move will give Paesano's more space—it's basically only standup now, with a few tables out front—with room for 26 seats, and a chance to add to the menu.

Prime location next to Liberty Lands

Traipsing through Northern Liberties last week, we came upon a row of six homes that we'd never noticed before. They caught our attention not because of their unique architecture (they look boring) or because they're a new addition to the neighborhood landscape (they aren't), but because of the sign outside advertising that they're for sale. As in, all of them are for sale. Not something we see too often, we confess.

Sign we spied
Six homes in a row

The address of this property is 918-24 N. American St., though only one of the homes actually touches American Street. The rest proceed to the west, fronting the Liberty Lands playground. With no homes across the street, they surely get plenty of natural light, and we'd be remiss if we don't mention the eleven parking spots in the back. Also, who doesn't love the sounds of kids playing outside their home?