Northern Liberties

Should be sweet when they're done

Shortly after New Years, we discovered work had begun on six new homes just off the corner of 2nd & Laurel in Northern Liberties. We first told you about this project in the fall of 2012, after the NLNA had given the project their support. Back then, a rough-looking cinderblock building stood on this site. Now, the ugly building is long gone, and six new homes are taking shape.

Framed on Laurel St.
Back homes have some windows

As we told you previously, the architects for this project are Atrium Design, the same team behind the mansions now rising on Church Street. Like those mansions, the new homes on Laurel Street will possess the typical high-end contemporary look we've seen in other Atrium projects.

But the plans will change some

Another project is in the works in Northern Liberties but first the developers and members of the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association must agree on plans that would knock down the former Color Reflections warehouse at 413 Green St. and in its place construct ten new homes with four fronting Green Street and the remaining fronting Wallace Street to the north. Well, on Green Street, there would be three homes and a carriage house, so that future owners could access an interior parking courtyard.

But will need to come back to NLNA

Before developers can build a combo of condos and single-family homes, three condos at 708-712 N. American and three single-family's at 701-05 of block of N. Bodine they'll have to reappear before the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association with amended plans that address the parking situation.

“Neighbors across the street had a lot to say,” said Larry Freedman, NLNA zoning chair.

View on American St.

They had a lot to say about the proposed three condos at 708-12 N. American St. that would take the place of the F Lotierzo & Sons masonry warehouse and garage that now stands at the site, according to Freedman. He explained that many neighbors liked the preexisting building and wanted to explore the possibility of converting the building into residential units. Developers did present alternative plans, according to Freedman, designed by KJO Architecture, that flirted with constructing only two homes on American. At issue was curb-cuts. Neighbors, according to Freedman, would rather see the condo building built at ground level, instead of having a parking setup underneath the building like at many condos down the shore. The difference between one and two curb-cuts, Freedman explained, has much to do with how the building would look to residents who already live on the block. As for Bodine St., the plans pointed to three single-family homes.

Next to one that just turned over

Just last month, we gave you the heads up about a renovated storefront at 246 W. Girard Ave., which is now a dentist's office. At the time, we mentioned that the building next door could soon see some work as well, as it had been purchased by developers.

Only like a month ago

We passed by the other day and the old storefront has been removed.

Last week

We don't know what's happening here, but it's certain that the business that eventually fills this space will have a much better street presence than the business that last occupied the space. Has anyone heard about what's coming in here?

Anyone know what's going on?

We were grabbing some delicious donuts on the edge of Northern Liberties the other day, and noticed that a building is coming down near 7th & Brown. We can't claim to know much about the building's history, but it appears it was once part of Northern Liberties Hospital, which years ago merged with Einstein. Oddly, the L&I Map still seems to think the hospital campus is in active use.

Not so much

A little up from the corner, an old building at 808 N. 7th St. is coming down. Permits pulled confirm what we saw in person.

Corner of 7th & Brown

From what we can tell looking at public record, the property was purchased by the Ukrainian Catholic Archdiocese back in 2011. It's unclear whether the Church has plans to build a religious building here, develop it for housing, or flip it to developers. Has anyone in the neighborhood heard anything about what's happening here? Can anyone confirm whether it's indeed the Church that's doing the demolishing here?

Whatever comes next, we're just upset that it's coming at the expense of a good looking old building with history.