Could be ready in a few months

If you live in Manayunk or if you drive past it on I-76, perhaps you've noticed that a big building has sprung up next to the Schuylkill River in the last year. We last visited 1 Cotton St. about a year ago, when it looked like this vacant parcel was finally getting redeveloped after years of proposals that never amounted to anything. Some people might remember that Connelly Containers was once located here, but it was demolished quite awhile ago. Visiting the property the other day, we see that the Isle Apartments project is looking to be moving along rather nicely.

Part of a larger project, actually

Coming back from the Poconos this weekend, we hit some traffic as we were heading back to town, so we cut through Manayunk to alleviate some of our I-76 related suffering. Making our way to Ridge Avenue, we found ourselves on Tower Street and at 4120 Tower St., we spied a row of eight new homes.

New homes on Tower Street

Having never been to this block before, we did a quick peek at the Google Street View from a few years ago and we realized that these homes have replaced a squat building that looks like it was originally used for industrial purposes. Most recently, the building housed Intercommunity Action, an organization that provides services for the elderly and the disabled, among other wonderful efforts. They moved to Ridge Avenue after selling the property, fyi.

Demolition notice posted on the building

We need to do a better job examining our surroundings when we go out to take photos of development. Just last week, we told you about a ten home project that's nearing completion on Green Lane in Manayunk, replacing a parking lot that was previously used by the nearby Saint Lucy's church. We knew that the developer for this project, East Main Manayunk, had also converted the former church school building into luxury apartments and that they owned the former church as well. What we didn't notice until a reader was kind enough to point it out to us was that a demolition notice had been posted on 140 Green Ln., the former church itself.

And the buyers are coming out

We'd guess that it wasn't long after the closing of Saint Lucy's church in 2012 that developers realized that the former church parking lot at 149-159 Green Ln. represented an attractive development opportunity. The developers at East Main Manayunk have slowly been working their way through the properties that belonged to the church, with their ten home project at this site being their most noticeable to date.

View in the past
New homes on Green Lane
Three homes on Carson St.

You can see in the images above, they've built seven homes on Green Lane, and three homes on Carson Street. Design work on the project came from Morrissey Design and the homes share a back drive-aisle area which provides access to two-car parking for each home. Thanks to the elevations of the homes, the parking for each home is in the basement and because of the large driveway area, each home can accommodate two cars in front of each of the garages. Four car parking, what a concept!

Two are under agreement, one still listed

The intersection where Roxborough Avenue hits Ridge Avenue has seen some big changes in the last few years. You may remember, back in 2012, developers demolished the Bunting House, a building constructed in the French-inspired Second Empire style that happened to not be designated as historic. Neighbors were miffed, to put it mildly, that a generic Wendy's was planned in its place. By early 2014, the ZBA approved the Wendy's despite neighbor objections, though they didn't allow a drive-thru as part of the plan. Passing by today, we see that neighbors can now buy a Frosty here, whether they like it or not.

The newest Wendy's on Ridge Avenue

Across the street on Roxborough Avenue, four new homes are under construction and like the Wendy's, they don't quite fit in with the surrounding neighborhood. There was an old home at 523-29 Roxborough Ave. until fairly recently, but that building is gone.