After a single predecessor was demolished

We were driving through Roxborough last week, and spotted some new construction from maybe a quarter of a mile away. This is what happens when developers build on the top of a hill. When we were finally in front of 4004 Pechin St., we discovered two new homes that were recently framed out. Previously, a vacant home sat here on an oversized lot.

In the past

That home possessed a similar architectural character to the home next door, which was made more interesting by the fact that all the other homes on this side of the block are only two stories tall. Still, it should come as no surprise that the developers, who acquired the parcel back in 2012, are opting for three story homes to replace the one they tore down. Check 'em out.

Neighborhood has a partial victory

Last March, we told you about plans for a new Wendy's at 5901 Ridge Ave., which was previously home to the historic Bunting House. Built around 1880 and originally occupied by philanthropist doctor Ross Richardson Bunting, the building was demolished in 2012, along with several adjacent properties. When neighbors learned about the possibility of a Wendy's arriving here, they responded with loud opposition, particularly to the project's drive-through element. The proposal led to the creation of a Roxborough Residents Against Wendy's Facebook group, which has over 650 likes.

A project that's apparently been percolating for years is finally progressing on Terrace Street, just a short distance from the modular development on Ridge we told you about the other day. The former Polish Falcon Hall at 3967 Terrace St. has been vacant for quite some time, but will soon contain seven condo units.

In the past
The other day

According to the Manayunk-Roxborough Patch, the developers of this project, Nicolas DiGiulio and Khara Cartagena, were struggling to get financing lined up for the project. Because of these problems, they asked the community for

A reader gave us the heads up last week that cranes were delivering modules to the corner of Ridge & Lauriston, for the construction of several new homes. We made our way up there earlier today and found some brand new buildings on this site, where once there was a home with a cracked foundation and some vacant land.

In the past
View today

According to the signage on the site as well as the permits, four new homes are being built here. But staring at it with our eyeballs, we see five homes. Anyone know what gives?

As you can see, the homes are three stories, and each have a garage. Interestingly, only the second and third floors were done modular, with the first floor (and ostensibly the basements) done on site. We would imagine that it just made more sense to do things that way, but we've never seen single family homes like this with cement-poured first floors.

A reader was wondering about the ongoing construction taking place at 6225 Ridge Ave., a property that was once home to a car dealership. That business went away years ago, though, and the site has sat dormant ever since. Earlier this year, though, construction got underway here in earnest, replacing a long-slung one-story building with a two-story structure with some large windows.