Logan Square

Brandywine's luxury apartment building starting to shape up

Earlier today we passed by 1919 Market St., and quickly realized that it's been too long since we last provided an update on this project. Remember, this parcel was last home to the Penn Center Inn, a building that was demolished in 1990 in anticipation of a twin to the IBX Tower next door. Several other projects came down the pike for this parcel over the years but it remained vacant until PHS opened their first pop-up garden here in 2011.

This made for a pleasant summer for the northeast corner of 20th & Market, but large development was always in store for this site and it was just a question of who would do it and when it would finally happen. That question was answered by Brandywine Realty Trust when they broke ground a little over a year ago. And since our last visit in October of 2014, there's been some impressive progress. Back then, site work was taking place behind a fence and passersby had no idea what was happening on the other side. Today, it's pretty darn clear.

Years later, project is moving forward

Museum Towers II has been a long time coming. It was way back in January of 2012 that we first told you that the surface parking lot between 18th & 19th, Buttonwood Street & Mattias Baldwin Park would be replaced by an apartment tower and some town homes. At that point, developers Forest City were still in the process of meeting with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association regarding the project. It finally went to Civic Design Review at the beginning of 2014, but the lot remained in use for many months afterward. Passing by over the weekend, we discovered it's now a construction site and probably has been for a couple months.

Construction site
On 18th Street, looking north

The project will include a sixteen-story apartment building with 270 units and a four level parking garage with 439 parking spaces. That's roughly an additional 150 spaces over the surface lot that's getting replaced. Wrapping around the parking garage, look for sixteen townhomes which we'd imagine will be offered for sale. Eh, rentals could work too. Here, check out the site plan to see how the new buildings will interact with each other and with the existing buildings.

One biggie is done, another wrapping up

The mansion market is alive and well in the Logan Square neighborhood. In June, we checked in on the Eight on Race project, an eight home development near 21st & Race with list prices starting at $1.75M. Today we turn our attention to two projects on 22nd Street.

Mode7 homes on 22nd Street
Phase 2 Mode7 homes on Croskey Street

We first noted the Mode7 project at 134 N. 22nd St. way back in the spring of 2011 when Masada Custom Builders had just started construction on the first two homes. That summer, framing began on the next pair of homes, and by the time 2013 rolled around three more homes were under construction on Croskey Street. These homes are all over 5,000 sqft in size, with all the high-end bells and whistles, and strong architecture work from Atrium. We were really impressed in 2012 when one of the homes sold for $1.7M and given the direction of the market in the last few years it should come as no shock that the last home in the development sold for $2.04M. Not too shabby, and it's clearly a price point that the project up the street is looking to piggyback off of.

Temple coming along nicely, project next door is out of the ground

The Mormon temple on the 1700 block of Vine Street has progressed considerably in the last eighteen months, so we figured it would be a good call to provide an update. At last glance, the structure had just begun to rise to the point that it could be seen above the construction fence. Today, you can get a pretty good idea of what the building will look like when it's finished. Quite a bit of work remains though, and we don't imagine the project will be done before 2016.

New homes, new coffee shop, possible demolition

Considering how little distance it covers, there's a disproportionate amount of stuff happening on 21st Street between Race and Spring Streets. This block is most famous as the home of the Please Touch Museum for decades until its move to Fairmount Park. It's perhaps slightly less famous for its views of the IMAX theater at the Franklin Institute. This blog has visited the block on several occasions, generally to provide updates about the construction of a project at the corner of 21st & Race which seems to have dragged on.

Matzi Builders and Developers tore down an old school district building over two years ago in anticipation of constructing eight large and high-end homes. The project is aptly called the Eight on Race. A year ago, we checked in and saw that four of the eight were framed out. Today, those four homes are approaching completion at last. We're not sure but we're under the impression that at some point construction slowed considerably or stopped entirely. Are we right, people who live near here?