Logan Square

Better than two surface parking lots, certainly

Just over a year ago, we were at Broad & Callowhill, looking both ways and checking out a project known as Hanover North Broad, which is a partnership between Philadelphia’s Parkway Corporation and The Hanover Company which is based in Houston. At that time, the dueling surface parking lots on the southeast and southwest corners were not much more than that, with site preparation having being completed. Since then, construction has progressed at a seemingly rapid pace. Today, the smaller building on the east side of Broad Street (339 N. Broad St.) is basically complete, with the sidewalk free and open to pedestrians. And the opposing larger western building (322 N. Broad St.) is completely built out but still needs parts of its facade and its interiors to be completed. It's pretty amazing how quickly these buildings went up.

But nothing exciting is on the immediate horizon

We were traveling down 21st Street the other day and some renovation work caught our eye on the 2100 block of Market Street. When we last visited this block, a former Papa Johns was under construction at the corner and we didn't know what was coming in its place. Sound the trumpets everyone, it's a Dunkin Donuts. On the plus side, the place has a little outdoor seating area in the back in which you can sit around wishing you were at Beiler's instead.

Newish Dunkin Donuts at the corner, renovation two doors down

Outdoor seating behind the new Dunkin Donuts

Two doors down, you can see in the first image above, there's some serious renovation work happening. Looking at the permits, we can shed some light on the situation. It seems the plans call for office space on the upper floors and a vanilla box restaurant space on the first floor. Perhaps someone has already laid claim to the office space, but given the non-specific description of the first floor, we'd guess that the restaurant space doesn't yet have a tenant. So it goes.

Huge space is available for rent

We've never been to Chima, but we've heard good things from friends that are fond of the unlimited meat on a stick experience. Soon though, the Brazilian steakhouse could disappear from its longtime home at the Kennedy House, at the corner of 20th & JFK.


Looking east on JFK

A posting went up in December on Loopnet, advertising that the space was available for rent. At the time, Michael Klein chimed in, noting that the steakhouse was in negotiations with their landlord on a new lease, perhaps seeking a reduction in their monthly rent. If those negotiations were successful, Chima was planning a renovation effort inside, with improvements to the bar and VIP section on the docket. Klein also indicated that February could be a deadline for the negotiations, and last we checked we've got four days left in the month and the Loopnet posting remains intact. And while we're hopeful that the business and the landlord can cross the finish line, we have to consider the possibility that this space will indeed turn over.

We previously told you about an entirely different plan here

It was almost five years ago that we told you about plans to renovate a blah building on the corner of 17th & Wood, plans that included a 3-story addition with office use on the 2nd and 3rd floors and apartments on the 4th and 5th floors. It would have been a sweet project for this corner and it seemed timely, as plans had just emerged for two significant projects from the LDS Church right across the street.

An old rendering

If you visit this intersection today, you'll see that the LDS projects have proceeded relatively apace. You may recall, we toured the completed LDS Church over the summer. But the two-story building at 327 N. 17th St. remains unchanged from half a decade ago. What happened? We couldn't tell you.

Expensive, and far from perfect

We took advantage of the amazing weather on Saturday and visited the Christmas Village on a preview day, and you know we knocked down a waffle within minutes of our arrival. And somehow, we refrained from purchasing anything else. Next time perhaps we won't be so lucky. Afterward, trying to spend as much time outside as possible, we took the long way home, and happened upon a 'For Sale' sign from Precision Realty Group at the corner of 15th & Cherry.