Logan Square

Very exciting project

In yet another example of why Twitter is super cool, today an interesting image came up on our feed from @EricClayWarner. Check it out:

Image we saw on Twitter

Jumping down the rabbit hole afforded by the response from our old friend @GroJLart, we were able to find out some more info about this project. Located at 24th & JFK, it comes from NP International, and it's called River Walk Philadelphia. The site covers 8.5 acres, and will include "residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and other community amenities." The developers presented to the community last month, and LSNA minutes indicate that the project will include 665 condo units and a grocery store, among other items. There will be about 650 parking spaces and they're working with CSX to create river access from the development site. Check out a couple more images:

We aren't sure why

A reader gave us the heads up recently that 1924 Arch St. is being demolished. Passing by yesterday, we can indeed verify that this is the case. Until a few weeks ago, there was a stately brownstone here. Now, the building is suffering a slow and painful death.

In the past
Facade being chipped away

According to Hidden City, the Francis McIlvain House was built in 1869, and designated historic in 1979. PMC Property Group is responsible for the demolition, and are likewise responsible for the new building going up next door. Are they demolishing this building to give their new structure additional room to breathe? Or to create a wider drive-aisle into a parking garage? Or is there perhaps some other plan for the lot upon which this building (still barely) sits?

Go on a windy day

Back in 2011, plans emerged for the Franklin Institute to expand for the first time in decades. The most interesting part of the museum's expansion is a kinetic "Shimmer Wall," created by artist Ned Kahn. We passed by yesterday, and shot the video. We recommend visiting to museum and the new Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pavilion soon, perhaps on a warmer but windier day.

The Mormons save the day

In 2008, bold plans emerged for 1601 Vine St. that would have involved two mixed-use towers with over 500 residential units, a 150-room hotel, a Best Buy, and a relocated Whole Foods. According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, that plan fell apart as the recession hit and large-scale development mostly disappeared for a couple of years. And so, this large surface parking lot has regrettably remained as such for over half a decade. But not for long, according to the Inquirer.

Former printing building

Yesterday, a blown transformer cut off power for a good chunk of the northwestern sections of Center City, and normal traffic patterns were badly disrupted. As a result, we were diverted down 15th Street heading south through town, and came upon an interesting development opportunity we'd never noticed before.

The building

305 N. 15th St. is tucked into a challenging spot. Just to the south is the Vine Street Expressway. Immediately to the west is an entire city block that's taken up by an onramp and an offramp. So while lots of cars pass this spot daily, it's not exactly what you would consider friendly to pedestrians. And while these truths won't be changing anytime soon, there is a decent chance that something will soon alter the status quo here.