Just a few steps from another project we just covered

Perhaps inspired by our story about a new five-story building under construction on the southeast corner of 15th & Ogden, a reader tipped us off this weekend about more development coming soon at 15th & Parrish. We feel a little silly dragging you here just a few days after we covered a project half a block away, but that's exactly what we're doing. Sorry about that.

SE corner of 15th & Parrish

The southeast corner of 15th & Parrish is currently a vacant lot, but a four-story building stood here until fairly recently. Developers bought the property last summer for $300K. According to an old listing, the building housed Jimmy's Take Out Restaurant at some point but it was apparently in poor condition prior to its demolition. It's a shame, as it had some pretty nice looking bones.

View at the SE corner in the past

In place of this building, permits call for a new structure with six apartments. We'd guess that it'll either rise five stories like its near-neighbor on Ogden Street, or perhaps it will only go up four stories. It's safe to assume that the new building will have a much more contemporary look than the building it's replacing.

More construction coming to this block

When we told you about a duplex planned for the 800 block of N. 16th St. the other day, we referenced the crepes at the nearby Vineyards Cafe. We lack self control, so the very next day we found ourselves right back there, shoving crepey goodness into our faces. Satisfied, we left the scene of the crime and happened upon some new construction just a block away at the corner of 15th & Ogden. The southeast corner has, shall we say, grown up a little.

Southeast corner, in the past
Now it looks like this

It's interesting that a tiny building at this corner is being replaced by one of the taller buildings in the neighborhood. When it's finished, the new structure will contain some apartments and a couple of parking spots. Side note, does anyone remember when the demolished building was in active use? If so, we'd love to know what it was used for. A newsstand perhaps?

More random lots filling in

Recent years have meant big changes around the intersection of 16th & Ogden, and there are even more in store. The most easily recognizable changes are on the east side of 16th Street, where several four-story buildings arrived on the scene a couple years ago. These buildings are part of the Vineyards at 16 project and should eventually be joined by two more buildings, assuming the developers are able to wrest the lots from City agencies. The original rendering included those infill lots, so we'll remain cautiously optimistic that they'll get filled eventually. 

East side of 16th Street, south of Ogden

Across the street, we've been encouraged as some duplexes have arrived on the 1600 block of Ogden Street but the lots on 16th Street lots have remained conspicuously vacant. Last week, the owner of 834 N. 16th St. reached out to us, letting us know that they're planning a duplex for the property. We took a peek at the L&I Map and noticed that at least two other developers have the same idea for vacant lots on this block. The folks building at 834 N. 16th St. were kind enough to share a rendering from KCA Design Associates. It looks like the building will complement the newer buildings across the street.

We think it was part of the former Arts Garage

Just the other day, we brought some demolition to your attention on the 1500 block of Ridge Avenue, work that will soon pave the way for some new mixed-use buildings on the corridor. We somehow missed another demolition site at 1516 Parrish St., literally around the corner. In the past, this address was home to an attractive two-story building that we believe was a part of the now defunct Arts Garage. The building also sported a really nice mural on its side.

In the past

Visit the site today and you'll find a hole in the ground and a pile of bricks.

Building is gone

A little over a year ago, developers purchased this building, the vacant lot next door, and some additional vacant lots to the rear on Ridge Avenue. As it stands, we aren't clear on their plans for the Ridge Ave. properties but they've already pulled permits for the two properties on Parrish Street. At 1514 Parrish St., permits call for a four story building with a commercial space and four apartments. Next door, look for a similar building, but with only three residential units.

This surely means another project is on the way

It was about a year ago that a neighbor on the 1500 block of Brown Street emailed us, frustrated about the poor condition of multiple buildings backing up to their property from the 1500 block of Ridge Avenue. We were pleased to share the news that three of those buildings, 1526-30 Ridge Ave., had been listed for sale and quickly went under agreement, making it likely they'd get redeveloped sooner rather than later. Just a few months ago, we passed along the information that the three buildings would be demolished and that developers were planning a five-story mixed-use building in their place. That project got approval from the ZBA in October, but the unit count was sadly reduced from ten to eight. Oh well, still good progress.

We recently found ourselves on this block and felt like something was amiss. We had anticipated the demolition of three buildings, but the gap on the block was much larger than we would have expected. So we took a look at an old view from Google Maps Street View to figure out what's happening.

In the past

Here's what it looks like now: