Now if only the intersection with Delaware Ave. could reopen

While Michael Samshick of CORE Realty continues renovations of the old Richmond Street Warehouse into a mega entertainment complex—including a 3,000 seat venue, two restaurants and more—developers are hoping to capitalize on a reviving Frankford Avenue between Girard and Delaware Avenues.

Warehouse under construction

Only a football pass north of that project, developers want to transform 1140 Frankford Ave., a shabby looking industrial garage that may or may not be in use by adding two new stories. The building was acquired at the end of 2013 for a hefty $220K and sits next to a wide open lot that covers a few addresses and is used for industrial storage. The building will be used for office space, though we couldn't tell you what business will occupy it. The ZBA gave their approval this week.

Another project close to Aramingo

Last month, we told you about the Cumberland Point Townhomes, three homes under construction on E. Cumberland Street just steps from Aramingo Avenue. Somehow, we missed another ongoing project just a couple blocks away. Until quite recently, 2534-36 Gaul St. was a vacant lot. But today it's a different scene.

In the past
Two new homes framed out

Looking at an old listing, we see that the white two-story building was once an ambulance service center. Alexander Ginzburg purchased the building, along with the adjacent pair of lots, back in 2003 for a combined $30K. The Google Maps time machine function suggests that the little building has possibly been converted into a home and the lots have been used as a yard in recent years. At one point, we noticed a kiddie pool. Public record suggests that the lots are still owned by the same person, but there's a decent chance that a developer has stepped in and the City's records haven't caught up yet.

Second phase is under construction

For awhile now, we've had our eye on a large vacant lot where Berks and Hewson Streets meet Wildey Street right next to I-95. We first came here three years ago, with plans for thirteen homes over two different projects, five of which were going to have garages. But that plan never came to fruition. Just a year ago we checked back in and described a modified plan for thirteen homes, only this time with a drive-aisle on Wildey Street. As opposed to the first plan, this one has actually moved forward. Passing by the other day, we spied a row of seven homes on Berks St. that seem to be approaching completion.

View on Berks St.

According to the project website, four of these homes are already sold, suggesting that the homes that aren't fenced in could already be finished. With obvious success for the first phase of homes, the developers have gotten moving on phase two. Six more homes are now getting framed out on Hewson Street.

Lovely CVS views

It's no shock to see development these days in the neighborhoods represented by Fishtown Neighbors Association, East Kensington Neighbors Association, and Olde Richmond Civic Association. And while construction seems constant on corridors like Girard Avenue and Frankford Avenue, Aramingo Avenue often seems like the forgotten street in the area. And we'd posit that it's for a reason. The first two corridors have walkability on their side, while Aramingo is principally for cars. But as development continues in the area, we've seen an increasing number of projects near Aramingo. Take, for instance, the Cumberland Point Townhomes.

View of two of the homes
Project site plan

Developers purchased two vacant lots at 2630-32 E. Cumberland St. last summer, and they're now in the process of building three homes on the site. As you can see in the site plan above, two of the homes are fronting Cumberland Street, and the third home will front Letterly Street. One of the Cumberland homes will have a garage, and the other two homes will have open-air spots, accessed on Letterly. It's a clever way to squeeze an extra home onto the space provided by the combination of two large vacant lots. The homes on Cumberland are currently listed for sale, priced just below $400K.

But the neighbors don't love the project

A little over a year ago, we visited the 1300 block of Crease St., a narrow street that runs between Thompson St. and Frankford Ave. and possesses an array of homes with varying architectural styles. Parking is king on this block, and most homes either have garages or large driveways. When we last visited, we told you of plans for four new homes on this block near Frankford Avenue. Checking back in, we can see that the homes are done, with three under agreement and one more available for sale. In the sense that they don't look like many of the other homes on the block, they fit right in.

Four new homes at the end of the block

Today we move down the block, closer to Thompson St., and consider 1321 Crease St., currently a vacant lot, vacant home, a rough looking garage.

Looking up Crease St.
This home could go

Last year, developers came before the community and got support to build a four-unit condo building here. Myphillykind had the lowdown on the project, and had some renderings that showed exactly what was proposed.