Several buildings have been demolished

We've discovered a new hole in the ground at 512 E. Girard Ave., just a couple blocks away from a less than perfect addition that we covered yesterday. This property previously looked kind of rough, with a vacant lot at the corner of Eyre Street, a one-story garage next door belonging to the car dealership across the street, and a bike store attached to another one-story garage. Especially when you consider all the development that's happened on and around East Girard over the last several years, it was really only a matter of time before the same thing happened here.

Not loving the stucco but what can you do

Remember the Princess Diaries story about the former auto supply store at the corner of Marlborough Street & E. Girard Avenue? This business occupied the building for many years, painting the bricks white and covering the window openings with plywood. Then the building changed hands in 2013 and took off its proverbial glasses, revealing the beautiful princess hiding underneath all those layers of paint. And it was wonderful.

Nine condos from Postgreen

We spied construction at 2318 E. York St. a couple of months back but didn't understand what the project entailed. A commenter quickly straightened us out, explaining that it was a nine unit condo development from Postgreen Homes called Arbor House. For those unfamiliar with Postgreen, they've done numerous projects in Fishtown, East Kensington, and South Kensington over the last few years including the $100K House and Awesometown. Not only are their projects typically environmentally conscious, but they're consistently building some of the most unique looking new construction in the neighborhood.

Checking in on Arbor House over the weekend, we see there's been quite a bit of progress since two months ago, when foundation work was happening.

Current view

According to the project website, the 2 bedroom 1-2 bathroom units will start at $275K, with the average square footage sitting just above 1,100. Each unit will include either yard space or a deck of some kind, and the entire project will seek LEED Platinum certification. Postgreen has recruited Jenny Sabin to design the cladding for the buildings, as they loved her contributions to their Folsom Powerhouse project in Francisville. Several initial concepts were considered and ultimately scrapped.

Very unusual to see a purely commercial building around these parts

Medusa Pizza opened its doors about a month ago at the corner of E York & Gaul, adding to Fishtown's embarrassment of pizza riches. We first told you about this project almost three years ago, when we shared the news that a red warehouse that most recently housed a meat packer would be replaced by a new commercial building housing a 140-seat pizza restaurant. The project moved rather slowly, as framing was still ongoing when we visited in the fall of 2014. But the speed of construction doesn't matter anymore, as the business is now operating and pushing out pizzas on the regular.

In the past
Medusa Pizza

Unfortunately, when we snapped this photo, they weren't open- we should have looked at this story which provides the hours and some menu info as well before making the trek. The story also includes this image, which gives you an idea of what the place looks like on the inside.

Project nixes commercial

The last time we visited the 2400 block of Frankford Avenue was about half a year ago, when we told you about three new buildings on the block. The most unique of those new buildings is now getting a new neighbor, or at the very least there's a new hole in the ground next door.

Construction activity

2418-24 Frankford Ave. has been vacant and overgrown for at least a decade, though it's changed hands four times in that period. Developers most recently purchased the parcel about a year ago, paying roughly $400K for this quadruple-wide parcel that sits very close to the Philadelphia Brewing Company.

PBC is pretty much next door

The last listing touted plans for two new mixed-use buildings on this site, and even included a snazzy rendering.