But the neighbors don't love the project

A little over a year ago, we visited the 1300 block of Crease St., a narrow street that runs between Thompson St. and Frankford Ave. and possesses an array of homes with varying architectural styles. Parking is king on this block, and most homes either have garages or large driveways. When we last visited, we told you of plans for four new homes on this block near Frankford Avenue. Checking back in, we can see that the homes are done, with three under agreement and one more available for sale. In the sense that they don't look like many of the other homes on the block, they fit right in.

Four new homes at the end of the block

Today we move down the block, closer to Thompson St., and consider 1321 Crease St., currently a vacant lot, vacant home, a rough looking garage.

Looking up Crease St.
This home could go

Last year, developers came before the community and got support to build a four-unit condo building here. Myphillykind had the lowdown on the project, and had some renderings that showed exactly what was proposed.

And they're half sold, too

Trenton Avenue has six new homes on the way. The intersection of Blair Street with Trenton Avenue creates a "flatiron-shaped" parcel, and that's where AGA Developers are currently building a project called Trenton Stables. You may recall, these are the same developers that have been building the Frankford Square project over the last couple of years. As for Trenton Stables, the homes are replacing a one-story building that was at one time, appropriately, a stable. The improvement is significant.

In the past
Recent shot

You can see, four homes are now framed out and according the project website they'll be finished by June. We'd be more inclined to guess August, but a couple of months are but a blink of an eye for the development gods. These four homes will have a fairly standard layout, with rear-access parking from Blair Street. The remaining homes, which have yet to be framed, will be much more unusual, as the lot narrows to a point. Below, you can find elevations drawings for the entire project and a floor plan for the final two homes which illustrates what we just described.

A shame that the people who eventually live there won't get to enjoy springtime in the park

Konrad Square Park is a lovely patch of green space in Fishtown, just a couple of blocks from the bustling Frankford Avenue, but a fair distance from Girard Avenue. While it's always a pleasure to walk through this park, it's a special treat this time of year, with temperatures rising and everything in bloom. Even a little construction didn't diminish our experience earlier today.

Konrad Square Park

Near the corner pictured above, we noticed two different infill projects. Once they're finished, the new occupants will have this view just steps from their front door. Color us jealous.

Community supports the change near Delaware Ave.

A former Kraut House in Fishtown just off Delaware Avenue could soon be razed to make way for eighteen single-family homes, pointing to the continued residential resurgence in a formerly industrial area near Allen Street in Fishtown. This is an area where several projects have occurred, but this would be one of the bigger ones.

Corner of Allen & Shackamaxon

In the spring of 2013 we reported that the property, a one-story sky blue faded building at 950 Shackamaxon St. that stretches back for half a block onto Allen Street, was for sale. The asking price: $1.5M. The building was owned by the Kissling family that ran the Kraut House for many years. Earlier this week, developers presented plans to Fishtown Neighbors Association to demolish the building and replace it with townhomes with 1:1 parking. The project was supported, 26-6. With the community on board, now it's on to the ZBA. Assuming they endorse the project, look for work to get moving soon. Even if they don't, we'd imagine demolition will start soon.

It's a vestige of the neighborhood's maritime history

Two years back, we openly wondered about the blighted Edward Corner building, located at the corner of Delaware Avenue and Shackamaxon Street. At the time, we determined that Core Realty owned the property, but couldn't figure out when or if they'd be bringing the building back to life.

The building, a couple years back

We somehow didn't notice a Plan Philly story from 2010 which detailed a preliminary plan to renovate the building and open a diner on the first floor. With so much time passing though, it seems those plans were only preliminary. Though low-resolution, the rendering looked pretty nice, and we especially like that the ghost signs would have been preserved.

A low-res image of an old proposal, from Planphilly

This morning, while we scanned our Twitter feed, we came upon the news that Core Realty is now looking to demo the building.