And some more homes nearby

The building that last housed the Grace of God Church of Deliverance at 2121 E. Cumberland St. is no more. In fact, it was demolished several months ago, we just didn't get over there to snap a photo since the demolition took place until the other day. The building was quite sizable and its absence is very apparent.

The view in the past
Current view

When we last visited this corner about half a year ago, we shared news of the Parish House project from Red Oak Builders, the back of which you can see in the photo above. That very cool project, in case you don't remember, will mean the renovation of the church's former parish house into five townhomes. Also as part of that project, the developers have renovated a building next door to the old parish house on Firth Street and they're building a new single-family home on Cumberland.

We're honestly not sure

The same reader that gave us the heads up about the upcoming Fishtown Residence project on the 2300 block of E. York Street was also wondering about a seemingly stalled construction project across the street. 2365-67 E. York St. is a double-wide garage that looks like it housed an auto shop at some point and maybe a car wash more recently (thanks, sign). According to a Philadelinquency story, the building also contains a rear apartment that was at one time rented to an individual that engaged in some objectionable activities. Currently, both garage door openings are covered in plywood.

Former bowling alley will be demoed

A reader reached out the other day, having noticed a demolition notice at 2338 E. York St., a one-story building that we could have sworn we wrote about previously. But alas, we haven't, so here we go. The building was most recently home to a screen printing business but according to a thread on, people remember it more as a bowling alley with a little arcade. Casually passing by the building, you can see it doesn't really fit in with what Fishtown has turned into in the last few years.

Around the corner from Frankford Avenue

We were zipping around Fishtown the other day and happened upon some construction activity at 11 W. Thompson St., right near Frankford Avenue. Saint John's Memorial Baptist Church had made its home here for quite some time, but the building dates back to the 1800s when it was built for the 2nd Spiritual Church. The property was listed for sale about a decade ago and didn't find any buyers, then it changed hands at the end of last year.

In the past
Current view

The building is going through a complete renovation, with original window openings restored, the facade repointed, and the interior getting totally redone. Wondering who was behind this effort, we did some digging around and found some answers on, along with some snark. It turns out structural engineering firm Larsen & Landis are moving here from their current digs at the Crane Arts Building. So you know for certain that this building is in good shape, structurally speaking.

And there's another new building next door

It's been a big year for the 1400 block of Frankford Avenue. Turn back the clock twelve months, and 1420 Frankford Ave. was home to Bicycle Stable, 1426 Frankford Ave. had a large warehouse that was at one point a cellophane factory, and 1434-42 Frankford Ave. was a big empty lot. The only thing that hasn't changed is the Yachtsman, located at 1444 Frankford Ave. in a funky building with a curvy facade.

The view in the past

Let's move from south to north, shall we? Bicycle Stable closed their doors last fall, and we wondered who would take over their fantastic building which was originally built as a stable for police horses. According to Craig Laban, Cheu Noodle Bar will open a second location here, offering much more seating than their 10th Street location. Yes folks, another restaurant coming to Frankford Avenue! We imagine that the facade will remain intact with the new business taking over.