Whoa! Updates on Three Brewerytown Residential Projects

On the recommendation of a reader, we made our way to Brewerytown the other day to check in on some ongoing residential projects that we’ve covered in the past few months. First we stopped at 31st & Baltz, where last month two foundations sat, waiting for new houses to be built by developer Steph-Sin. In the weeks since, the homes have been framed, and facades have gone up as well. Pretty good progress, if you ask us.

Middle of March
Plugging away

Around the corner, on the 3000 block of Girard, three properties owned by ML Builders LLC were vacant lots a month ago. Now, foundations have arrived for all three, and the two easternmost parcels are being framed out. Still no framing for the last lot, but we’d guess it’s next on the list. These properties will all be triplexes, once construction is complete.

Two framed, one with windows already
Framing to come soon, we imagine

Finally, the 2800 block of Cambridge Street is seeing three new homes replace blighted properties through a partnership between MMPartners and Fairmount CDC. We told you about this project a few months back, which will ultimately include ten properties previously owned by PHA on the 2700-3000 blocks of Cambridge Street. The mere demolition of these old homes represents a tremendous improvement on any of these blocks.

Blighted PHA homes
Replacements coming soon
More progress a little down the block

It seems that the development momentum is really starting to accelerate in Brewerytown, with several other projects getting underway at this time. And considering the plethora of vacant and blighted properties in the neighborhood, it seems that opportunities for additional development are right there for anyone interested in joining the party. Who’s next?