Update on 31st and Baltz Sts.

Mr. Fox

Back in September, we mentioned a new construction project at 1235 N 31st. St. from Steph-Sin Development. In the past couple of months, things have progressed nicely, as you might have expected.

The corner back in September
The view the other day, from the same angle
Looking from the north

Framing is done, windows are in, and sheathing is up, so we'll be looking for some bricks in the coming weeks. The three mini bays are a nice touch, here's hoping Steph-Sin resists the urge to use stucco.

In slightly more exciting news, Brewerytown Living reports that the corner storefront across the street could become a coffee shop.

Little storefront right across the street

At a zoning hearing last week, J. Roger Powe III of Powe'fessional Capital LLC presented for a use variance to open a coffee shop on the first floor without any cooking, and a seating area on the second floor. We're a little confused, because the website for Powe'fessional seems to imply that the company mostly operates in the sales and marketing sphere, but hey, what's wrong with branching out a little? Let's agree: no matter who runs the place, another coffee shop is good news for Brewerytown.

And finally, in case you're wondering, we have no progress to report on the future Bottom Dollar site across the street. We imagine that it's still very much happening, but we see no shovel in the ground just yet.