Taking West Girard Avenue For a Spin

The 2800 block of West Girard has seen some major changes over the last several years, with several businesses opening up and adding new vibrancy to the commercial corridor. Offhand, we can think of Rybrew, Spot Burger, and Monkey & the Elephant as food businesses that have appeared in recent memory. A political office opened last year on the first floor of 2835-37 W. Girard Ave., in a space that was sitting blighted and vacant for a very long time. And of course, we can't forget Brewerytown Bicycles, which opened a few years back and provides for the neighborhood's two-wheeled transportation machine needs.

At this point, it's no surprise to learn about new businesses coming to West Girard. But in light of the fact that Brewerytown Bicycles calls the 2800 block its home, it was unexpected when we encountered this sign at the corner of 28th & Girard.

Cycle Brewerytown?

Better view of the building

Two bike shops for West Girard, on the same block? Seems odd, wouldn't you say? 

In trying to get some more info, we turned to MM Partners, a fine idea when trying to get the lowdown on anything happening in this neighborhood. And wouldn't you know, we quickly figured out what's going on. An Instagram post from a few days ago featured an image of this sign, and someone had exactly the same question that we did. MM Partners responded that this business will be a spin place, not a bike store, and that it will open in a few months. This makes all kinds of sense, and will dovetail nicely with Steelworks Strength, now moving into a larger space a couple blocks away.

Incidentally, the space at 2800 W. Girard Ave. is huge and according to the permits the space it's getting divided into two, with Cycle Brewerytown only taking over half the building. Given the placement of their sign, we'd guess they'll be opening at 2802 W. Girard Ave., leaving a corner space available. What kind of business would you like to see open at this corner?

  • PicklePaul

    I like the colour scheme. A little variety is a good thing. O 🙂

  • Sammy

    I call BS. Any statement about a competitor clearly shows a bias (and I have one). Pamcakes hardly measures up to the pastry chef quality of products Philly Cupcake puts out. I met their head baker, Neil, nice guy and knows his stuff. Philly Cupcake will be sorely missed. From what I can tell, the neighborhood really enjoyed this place. Their goods were hardly shoprite quality, give me a break, sounds like kicking someone when they are down (does that really make any one feel better). We all know landlords can be douches, and any business closing after such a short time with obvious investment in the property and popularity stinks of the landlords being especially so. I can only hope they will be less so to someone else wanting to take on this spot. But if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…Anyone know who the scumbag landlord is?

    • citizen

      You are clearly smoking something….while I hate seeing retail vacancies, and I hate stories of bad landloards……Philly cupcakes are as bad as “Crumb’s” factory made grocery store quality cupcakes…..

    • Jayfar

      Presume much? I can be presumptuous too. My default translation of “unresolvable landlord and building issues” is landlord wanted to collect the rent when it was due

      • Jayfar

        I wasn’t too far off the mark:

        Speaking of landlord-tenant disputes, court records show a tussle between the operators of Philly Cupcake and its landlord at 1944 South St. (aka 20th and South Streets).

        That fight – which included an allegation that nearly $24,000 in rent was owed and a counterclaim that the landlord’s contractors had botched needed repairs, delaying the shop’s opening – ended in a settlement Oct. 25, according to court records.
        –end quote

        Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/the-insider/Mexican-Post-near-the-Parkway-is-closed.html#i8PC9qX2KA7r4yoh.99

        • Sammy

          Actually, word on the street is that the landlords, Slap Properties owned by David and Eve Slap, has been to court many times over “landlord/tenant” disputes and their reputation is very tainted among the developers in the City. I asked one landlord about this and he called David a first class a**hole. They are known for being quick with litigation when they don’t want to fulfill what they promise to tenants and they buy properties and try to subvert their responsibilities like bringing buildings up to fire code before renting to tenants and then claiming they didn’t know, which is a crock. They sound like slum lords to me. Greedy and litigious. Also heard that Philly Cupcake had to escrow rent due to the disputes. That doesn’t sound like an irresponsible tenant move.

          • Thomas

            FYI, the word is “tenant”

          • Sammy

            Thanks for the comment/correction. 🙂


    Um, Pamcakes cupcakes are WAY better than the cupcakes at Philly cupcake. I liked Philly cupcake becasue they had ice cream and chocolates but their cakes were awful.

  • Dr. Kevin

    I also enjoy Pamcakes much more than I do Philly Cupcake, but it is still sad to see them go. Very unfortunate that it is due to a dispute with the landlord too! Oh well, we will just have to walk up the street to Rita’s for custard instead of ice cream then!

  • Sharon Hale-Jenkins

    Philly Cupcakes, please come to a vacant store front on Fairmount Avenue between Corinthian and 20th Street. It is the south side of Fairmount Avenue within the Spring Garden CDC. We in Francisville, Fairmount, Spring Garden and Art Museum would love to have your business. Just imagine, Philly Flavors with a Philly Cupcake!