Several Old Buildings Going or Gone on Marston Street in Brewerytown

We’ve visited the 1300 block of N. Marston St. a couple of times over the years, both times promising some major change on the horizon. In 2015, we showed you three rehabs on the western side of the block and speculated that the former industrial buildings across the street could soon get redeveloped. Earlier this year, it seemed like our predictions were coming true, as we learned about plans for an addition to a former milk depot at 1327 N. Marston St., andĀ spotted a demolition notice on an old garage a few doors down. Still, we were concerned that the blighted but strong boned 1335 N. Marston St. was still privately owned and might not get redeveloped alongside the surrounding buildings.

View of 1335-41 N. Marston St. from earlier this year
1327 Marston St. from earlier this year

We were in the neighborhood the other day and we can tell you there’s finally some serious change afoot. On the eastern side of the block, all of the buildings are fully or partially demolished. Within the last year, a developer purchased 1335 N. Marston St., 1339 N. Marston St., and 1341 N. Marston St., and tore ’em all down. It seems that the building we were worried about ended up changing hands after all, though as we said previously we would have preferred a reuse rather than demolition.

Current view on the block
New foundation

Already, there’s one foundation in place on the northern end, where the developers will build a quadplex. Next door, look for another quadplex and an eight-unit building.

Demolition for former milk depot

Meanwhile, to the south, plans have changed. Developers had pulled permits to build an addition at 1327 N. Marston St., a project that called for 17 residential units. Then they sold the property this past January. Either the building was too far gone or the new owners simply prefer a fresh slate, as they’re now in the process of completely tearing down the old milk depot. We have to think that the building that will rise in its place will include the same unit count, but since they haven’t pulled those permits as of yet, we couldn’t say what they’re doing for sure. What we can say is that major change is finally in the air on this block of Marston Street. Within a year or two, a couple dozen new people will beĀ living on this block, though unfortunately in less interesting buildings than were here before.

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