What’s the deal with this house on Carpenter St.?

On the south side of the 1100 block of Carpenter St., you might notice 1116 Carpenter, a somewhat out of place first story of a row home, with what looks like a new facade and new windows as well. Upon closer inspection, however…

Weird, right?
Yup, that's the sky
No house after all. Fooled you!

The property is owned by Fabian and Maria Molina, who also own the fenced-in lot in the foreground and the house two doors down in the background, along with a couple of other properties in the neighborhood. We were hoping to get the scoop on the one-story facade, so we knocked on the door at their house, but no one answered. Turns out they haven’t paid their taxes in the past couple of years for their home or the two lots pictured above- did they move away?

Anyone live over there who has some inside information on where the weird facade came from? Were there two more stories there at one point? Was an entire house there? Has anyone seen anyone working on the property in recent years?

Please help, we’re scratching our heads over here.