Play Hipster City Cycle On Your Phone, In Your Skinny Jeans

Weren’t we just whining about the lack of Philly-specific apps? We whined too soon: Hipster City Cycle is a new iPhone application that lets you explore Philadelphia as a hipster cyclist (gotta’ love bike messengers) as you bike around the city, in all it’s Atari-pixilated detail, and explore important landmarks and neighborhoods within Philly as a local hipster. Users are challenged with races and downtown-traffic maneuvering (definitely challenging!) and big track stars get posted on the high-score board. The app adds local humor, changing the name of retail store Urban Outfitters to “Hasbin Retrofitters.” Oh Philly, you’re so Mumford & Sons. (Also check out the Pixelation Contest and vote for your favorite bystanders to become avatars!)