Development Projects1900 Alter Street

1900 Alter Street

Master Suite.

Single-Family Homes

Before five single-family homes rose on the 1900 block of Alter Street, a large vacant lot dominated the middle of this block. In late 2010, a developer acquired the lots and hired our office. OCF Realty provided expertise in the zoning and permitting process and worked hand in hand with the developer and community to revitalize this long neglected block.  Recognizing that these proposed homes looked out on an uninviting warehouse, OCF Realty worked with members of Philadelphia's Mural Arts program to paint a mural of residences directly across the street from where these homes were being built.  The end result is night and day from the bleak facade of the old warehouse.

Immediately after breaking ground, we jump started the marketing campaign by revealing the project on our Naked Philly blog.  Throughout the construction process, OCF documented the development and pushed out information through various channels of communication including our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.   OCF held a meet and greet with the developers at the American Sardine Bar and worked throughout the construction process to sell the homes.  All five homes were sold mid-construction and settled between September 2012 to March 2013.