Development Projects1612-16 South Street

1612-16 South Street

Commercial Space. Rental Apartments.

The sights you see today at 1612-16 South Street are dramatically different than those of the past few years. Previously, a developer began construction while in litigation with near neighbors over zoning approvals.  When the project was ultimately rejected by the Zoning Board of Adjustments, the property sat partially built and blighted for eight years.

Before our clients purchased the lot, OCF completed feasibility studies which included what could be built by right and also what would be the highest and best use.  The location was on a quickly developing commercial corridor (South Street West), giving it major curb appeal.  Another important consideration was the large lot size.  By right, our clients were allowed to build three separate structures, however we strongly believed that based of the aforementioned factors, the site was best suited for a larger mixed-use building.

With significant community input, we planned out a mixed-use building consisting of a large ground floor commercial space and 14 apartments.  We contracted with a local architect, surveyor, and zoning attorney and went to work.  We met countless times with near neighbors and the larger community to gather support for a building that was taller, deeper, and denser than what could be built by right.  

Months later, we broke ground on the 17,000 square foot building.  The site required careful excavation of the old building and its foundations.  We delicately underpinned neighboring properties and poured new foundations, a basement floor, and walls.  We then installed steel beams throughout the lower level and 1st floor to accommodate the open floor plan likely needed for a retail tenant.  We framed the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors with wood.

This project required 8 months of planning from acquisition to ground breaking, and another 9 months from ground breaking to completion.